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Flash rapidly it detects correctly as the drivers on it, but when I try to run a sketch or loaded the sketch on it, it does not work. Let’S just verify that’s com6 yeah, see here we go now now I get a sink air and I think this is due to a corrupted bootloader on here. I’Ve read that this blinking green light means that the bootloader is working. But yet, if I get this error, then it means that the bootloader is corrupted. So I bought a bunch of Arduino nanos to sell on eBay, and this is a brand new one. Doesn’T even have the pin soldered on it, but you see this light is not flashing green, like this one, and if I come back here and do the same thing, it works and Dunlop floating. I will try turning this brand new one into an Arduino is P and reflashing the bootloader on my older Arduino Nano. So I have the pins on the non working. Arduino and I’ll show you the graph. I have the wires on the brand new Arduino tack, soldered on to the specific pins, so to hook a working Arduino up to a non working Arduino and reflash, the bootloader or flash a bootloader to an Arduino that doesn’t have a bootloader on it. You have to hook the pins up in a certain way, so pin one on the non working Arduino goes to d12 on the working Arduino pin 2 goes to 5 volts pin 3 goes to be 13 pin.

4 goes to D 11. Pin 5 goes to D 10 and pin 6 goes to ground. After setting up your board, you want to set this to what your non working board is. Then you’d set the selector through 80 mega 328 chip. Whatever you’re programming the bootloader onto is what you set your processor to then you say your make sure your comm is the right one, and then you go to tools programmer and select the eye Arduino as isp burning bootloader to io board. This may take a minute, then it says, done: burning bootloader, pull all these wires off and see. If I can burn a sketch to this good examples, basics blink make sure your do. We know nano is selected. Sometimes, even if this is selected, you should click on it again because, for whatever reason it doesn’t select it correctly and you notice the green LED light that’s. The focus the L led right here is now blinking slowly, instead of flashing really fast, so I’m going to verify the blink sketch on compiling uploading it voila now it works. So this is how you recover in Arduino Nano that doesn’t want to load sketches. The indication is this green light is blinking fast, fast, fast fast. So the only thing you need either a another Arduino that’s working or it can use a USB ASP. There are several options that you can use to program the bootloader onto your Arduino. So I have my work cut out for me because I have a couple dozen of these Arduino nanos that I’m going to be programming the new bootloader on to so, if you need an Arduino Nano to program, your electronic speed controllers, stop by my eBay store and Pick one up so since I have all these wires soldered to my Arduino Nano.

I just put a 6 pin header on here, so I can program bootloaders on these Arduino nanos. This is pin 1. It just fits in here like that. Push down make sure you got blinking lights, put it on a piece of foam, so I’m, not breaking anything.


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Last weekend we announced that we’re working on a new development environment with advanced features. Let’s take a deeper look at what is in store for the Arduino Pro IDE!

“Let us change the world by making technology accessible to everyone and put it into the hands of every student and educator.”


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