If we connect it with a wire, then we connect a led and connect that led with a resistor and then give it give power to the rdno. The led lights up, the arduino uno board, is powered by a microcontroller and can be used in various applications, hello and welcome everyone. Today we will talk about the arduino board now lets discuss. When was rdno made, what is rdno? How can we use rdno and why we should use it? You know project was started in italy. In 2003, the development platform wiring was created. In 2005, the arduino team decided to add support for a cheaper microcontroller, the atmega8 to uh. This board, which was a fork of wiring, was called arduino from the starting of this video ive been talking at rd of rdno as a board, but actually arduino is a company which makes the arduino uno board so from the starting. This video ive been talking about the arduino uno board, which is one of the one of the famous boards of arduino. So arduino is a company which manufactures electronic devices and software. There are many more boards which arduino makes like the arduino mega, the arduino uno. The nano etc. You can see the list on the arduino website so on. The arduino uno board well find a power jack, a usb connector, so the power jack can be used for uh delivering power by a battery holder, which has two batteries and the power jack.

Also can deliver power and we can also send programs with it to the microcontroller. So this big black thing in between below made in italy is the microcontroller. You can find out more about it in the video given in the description. So next there is the power pins for delivering power to the circuits, the led sensors, etc. That is the analog in pins, which are mainly used for input, but they can be used for other purposes, also so like they are used for taking input from sensors etc. But they can be used as output pins. Also, next is the digital pins, which can be configured as inputs or outputs, so by default they are set as inputs, but we can change them as outputs by programming by the pin more method which you can see uh in a tutorial of arduino after which are These um in the digital pins, if you see there next to like that 11 pin theres a tilde sign. That means that it can also give output an input in uh 255, so in the 255 analog bit so like in digital pins. Without the still does things they cannot do, the they can do only zero and one, but the ones with the twitter can do both zero and one and zero to two. Fifty five, you can check more about this in arduino tutorial. The coding for rdno is also done in a special software made by them. Now we have finally come to the final question why we should use rdn because its the used in electronics, it connects products, advanced center, sensors clouds, cloud and apps machine learning, ai, etc.

It can be used in education for steam, lessons or it can be used in the cloud or in mobile apps. It is very good. It was one of my first electronics uh board. I learned a lot from it and we can also see how uh rdano has described it as the maker, the edu and the pro. It helps us to make many things. Even if we are not engineers or electronics engineers, it can teach many students about electronics, the steam lessons and as the pro it can be used in companies. Also, it is open source, so it can be used in many uh application mobile applications. It can be used in the cloud ai machine learning, so the future of the world. Many people are saying its ai, but ai needs something to run on. That would be the electronics so its a great way to jump into electronics.