It says that into the commands. All these are comments just going to the operator so im sending a streak. I speak forward: Music, Music, um, Music Applause, Music, the right right right left with our routers now, so that the robot will come to the right jackson. Now i will pause the robot stop and here it prints, Music, that i am paused. Okay, uh lets see the robot detect this trick there. I have to choose right all right: its just right: Music, Music, its day three of our robotic project, which is which is from voice control, robot and today, im going to demonstrate the movement of the robot through voice control. So here we have the app and were going to going to connect robot its saying that connecting so we are finally connected now im sending the commands right move forward its moving forward. Stop it stopped back nice. Moving back turn left turn right. Applause back back, move forward, move forward; Applause, its all left, Applause, move forward, move forward; Applause! Stop! Thank you. Yesterday i was showing that the voice control of the movement of the robot like wheels of the robot and today im going to simulate the left hand of the robot. So here is our code and i already uploaded it and i just fixed hand this its. Not exactly hand but just like hand and im gon na show you some moments and lets Music lets, move it oops straight left waist and its moving and its moving itself from 0 to 180 and its come back in its original position.

Now lets say: namaste, since we have only one hand and just lets, consider that next and its doing executing the opposite code of the namaste like okay and its time for say, hi, oh right, we say hello here, hello and its itunes oops its too dark. Okay. Lets see again, i love this trick. Thats the um wow, thanks for today, bye, okay and lets, give some comments to them. To our robot. Tell me abcd, yes, its working Music Music. What is robotics robotics is the story of robots. Robots are missions that can be used to resolve some roads can work by ourselves. Other robots must always have proportion going down. Tell me about about einstein, but his theories of risk new ways of looking at time. Space matter strategy introduce yourself, hello, everyone good morning, my name is attorney person. One play a sad song, Music thats all for today. Thank you, hello, everyone, its day6 of our rose project, which is whats called road, and finally, we have reached in some final conclusion and todays. The demonstration of the six day work. Okay, we have already connected the robot in our bluetooth. So lets see its comments. Hello: namaste move forward, move forward back, stop turn right: Music back Music thats all for today.