I will unboxing the new sensor ph sensor from original from the a robot, so uh ill start unboxing this box and i buy the sensor from the online store and for the link you can check in the description. Okay, so lets start to unbox this sensor. Okay, first, i will cut out the box and see what the inside oh, the inside, is have another bubble walk and i will take out the bubble, wrap and see what inside and quiet tick for the bubble, wrap so its safe. So the inside of the box is box from the robot original and okay, so well, open it and for the seal already open, but im not sure. I hope the inside is still good. There is no part is loose and the inside is have the manual instruction ph probe and one transmitter ph transmitter version. Two you can see in the below and another is accessories such a cable, ball and seal, and this is the pro pizza board and the brand is housy. Quite big. Compare the version number one and the series is h101 ph electrode, okay, uh. I will measurement the dimension of this probe, for the length is 17 sentiment input the case, then the emitter around two centimeters quite big, compared to the version number one and oh the bodies and use the thread three four four npt, so you can put in the Pipe for the sampling point and cable total length, i think, is around five minutes.

Five meters length is Music longer than the pressure number one and body, but, and the body of the ph probe is quite good for the quality quite strength, because the grade of this probe is industrial grid compared to the operation number one is only laboratory grade. Okay. Next, i will open the these two plastic, so you can see we will see the inside of this plastic okay, this is the instruction manual for ph electrode, have specification and how to use end maintenance and also the specification of cable Music. Okay, all of you can read the user manual and i will open the ph transmitter and we will see the quality and the dimensional quite good uh, better than version one. This question number two: there is no potentiometer for the calibration and the dimension is around five percent. Four centimeter for the length and width is three sentiment original from the fbf robot and for the connect connector to the probe is using bnc connector, so so easy. Okay. Next is the second of the plastic, its uh all is actually for the transmitter. They have a one, cable and oh also have sealed for the bnc connector. So when we put the transmitter to the box, we can use the seal, and here i have ball and also spacer, oh good. We have a egg bowl and four spacer and we have one nut for the bnc connector. So we can use the spacer and ball in the transmitter board, and this is the plastic spacer, so its safe to prevent short circuit and for the ball.

A four four ball is for the top, and four ball is for the bottom and for the seal. We can use for the bnc connector Music – you can put the seal in here and its not to lock this transmitter in the box later. I will show you how to and just click and reset – and this is the cable for the output signal from the transmitter and for the length is around 30 centimeter, its quite long so uh. We just click here and we have three cable going to out to the microcontroller such arduino or esp thats. All from me. I hope you like this video and next video.