Tech in this video were going to be unboxing this already in our educational kit, so lets get started. So this is an cd with projects and holes. This is a a 30 pin breadboard. This is a potentiometer, a battery holder with a connector female to female jumper wire cable, an ultrasonic sensor holder, a 44 matrix board. So this is an rfid sensor without another 5d card and a tag this is with an ir receiver. This is a joystick module. This is some led lights, another blue body and yellow. This is the ultrasonic sensor and uh sj90, so sd 9 server motor. This is a dc motor with a fan, some switches and buttons with caps. This is acceleration sensor, a humidity sensor, a head open, male head, open, theres, a delay and capacitors, and one rgb light and two buses and some yes um, some resistors, 20 20k resistors, 1k resistor, 10k resistor.