My design project is an ultrasonic and ldr sensor. Arduino project basically um its to help visually impaired people to be able to be aware of obstacles that are head level, because you know you have, especially if you have like a medical condition like a concussion where you need to protect your head. So here is the flowchart for my project. We start with the input being the ultrasonic and the ldr sensor, so the code would read the input from the ultrasonic sensor, for example, and if the ultrasonic sensor has reads, the object is closer than uh 20 centimeters. The speaker or buzzer would switch on. If not the speaker, buzzer would switch off uh with the light sensor. If there is light the then there should uh be a text on the lcd setting saying that there is light and then, with the no light situation there is darkness. Then this is the schematic the circuit schematic for my for my project. As you can see, there is an arduino here with the ltr and a resistor connected, and there is the speaker and our lcd connected to the lcd is connected to an adapter which is then connected back to the arduino. For my project, i also have a block diagram. The block diagram displays the arduino uh. The two inputs here are the ultrasonic sensor and the light dependent resistor, the outputs, the display and the speaker be aware that the display is also connected to an i2c lcd interface.

Adapter um yeah, that is my project, have a nice day. Okay study, my design project is an ultrasonic sensor, ldr connected to an uh as inputs to an arduino, the output being the speaker and the lcd im gon na restart the project. The sensor makes beeping sounds from 20 centimeters and the tone changes as the object gets closer and closer to the sensor. The light is also displayed on the sensor. Uh on the lcd move, your hand away from the sensor, so we can see it okay. So when i cover the sensor, move it and cover it, and when i remove my hand, okay, yeah some people model something right.