This is the video regarding our mac 523 project, which is self watering plant system. We are from faculty of mechanical engineering. We are consists of three members. Music did. You know the earth has more than 80 000 species of edible plants. Eighty percent of the earths original forests have been cleared or destroyed. Plants, like all living organisms, have basic needs, a source of nutrients as food water, space to live air and optimal temperatures in order to grow and reproduce. Music plants really need water for same reason that all living things do to dissolve the chemicals they use to do their biology plants also use water. Current up the plant for transport, which evaporates water out the leaves, so they need water. For that reason, too, plants cant live without water, but how often they need to receive it to stay alive varies tremendously at one extreme are vulnerable fast growing plants like seedlings, which may need water several times a day problem statement. Sometimes a working person always forgets to water, the plant in his her house, and thus the plant will wither and eventually die. People who need or wanted to go to vacation or business trips does not have someone to water their plant, as they are out of the area objectives, first, to ensure that the plants will stay healthy and always in the best condition. Second, to facilitate the plants owner to water, their plants, because it is easy and convenient Music solidworks design.

This is the exploded view of our self watering plant system project Music. As you can see from this point of view, you can see clearly that there is water inside it which it will be used to water, the plant product assembly, Music. This is from another point of view, so, as the most ager sensor detected that the soil is not moisture, the water from below will be automatically pumped using motor and flow upside through the tube and finally flow out to the soil until it is moisturized Music electrical Wires are conductors that transmit electricity from a source to electric appliances. An electric motor is a device used to convert electricity into mechanical energy. Music. Soil moisture sensor consists of two parts that are used to measure the volumetric content of water. The two props allow the current to pass through the soil which give the resistant value to measure the moisture value. An infrared sensor is an electronic device that measures and detects infrared radiation in its rambling, digital environment output, pins of which seed can be used as pwm output and sheet can be used as analog input, circuit diagram and coding. In this project there are 11 components. First is battery 9.4 second arduino uno ir sensor dc motor led three transistor temperature sensor, lcd npn, transistor, potentiometer and relay first. I will explain about ir, since i also instead have lipin, which is power, brown and synonym, but we refer to green wire.

Ground refer to orange wire and signal, we can refer to blue wire signal, it connects to pin a1 and it receive. The signal from the coding and ir sensor need 5 vote for supply and it can take the supply from the arduino uno, which can possibly work for supply seconds. Moto use battery line work to increase the voltage supply, so we use the battery 9 volt. Then we connect to the relay to separate the 5v and 9th wall. Delay only needs supply 5 foot from the arduino signal from the motto sent to digital log 2 and in this project there are one input which is soil, moisture sensor and 3 output, motor, which is connected to relay v3 and npn lcd screen, which is connected with Potentiometer and transistor for sccd and lastly led which is the connect with digital pin a next. I will present the coding from the beginning until the line 6 is defined, the sensor and the time from the line 9. It declared the input for the line 10. It declared lcd with pin 12 11 6 5. 4 3. Next for the line 13 to 16, we can see it declined the water in low and water in output for 9.6 seconds and then lcd begins. Then we move to the line 25 in the line 45. It starts with the code if the sensor value greater or equal to my lines, so the water will dispense from the water next, it go for the delay for two seconds motor on and watering stun when water load, so the lcd will show that the motto will Pause next skip will go to the line 40x until the end.

It shows the message that sends by the sensor to the lcd to make sure that the soil is in good condition, as you can see when the motor is on water will start when swirling in a good condition. So the motto is off delay for the two circle and then and the code Music. Total cost for this project is 32 ringgit and 70 cent Music, moisture sensor, Music, ir sensor, Music, arduino, uno, Music and dc water pump. Okay lets go put the dc water pump into water tank, put the moisture sensor into the sand, Music connect, arduino uno with power supply and switch on. If the sand is dry, dc, water pump will pump out water through water tube when the sand is wet dc. Water pump will stop pump the water Music.