com today were going to make a simple locking mechanism using a 12 volt Solenoid, an rfid module. This one is the rc 522. You can get these off ebay or aliexpress for about a dollar theyre, very cheap and were also going to use an arduino uno and a few simple components. These machines work by using rfid tags, youve, probably used something similar to this at some point in your life, the idea being that when it gets close to the reader, the tag is read, and if it is the correct tag, the one you specified it will give Access so right now, if i hold this tag down, i have access, so i can open the lock and after 10 seconds when the door is closed again, it will lock itself automatically. This system also allows you to add and take away tags. So if i hold the master card up it flashes to show that we want to hold something up so lets hold this tag up against it once again and it flashes to say it has been red. We swipe this card again to go out of the read or write mode and now the same tag when i hold it down so hi im andre infante with – and this is our arduino mood lamp project. As you can see, this is a pretty simple project. You just hook it up to usb and uh. It uses a few wires, a few resistors and an rgb led to create a pulsing pattern of colors.

If i turn the light off, you can see a little bit better check out the article for more information. How to build one of these thanks for watching the power supply is on and our sensor value is below that 450 volt threshold, so our fan is, is currently off and uh. If i take the soldering iron ill touch it a little bit and youll see it kicks in at that 10 duty cycle, which is enough to actually start the fan, lets go ahead and do that kicks in right there. I barely enough to start the fan, so we might have to start at a higher percent duty cycle and it starts to ramp up there. You can hear it speeding up still going. You can hear that ringing and there it goes so. You cannot hear the ringing anymore, so thats means its not really pulsed with modulating its at 100 duty cycle, so the fan is, is all the way on or its at 100 duty cycle, and so that is the upper limit thats the 800. In this video we are going to build an arduino powered game. It is the classic punk game. I am now playing against the computer controlling the green puddle, each time a player scores. The score is displayed on the screen. The first player to reach 8 points wins. It is a fun project to build and, as you are going to find out, it wont take you more than 10 minutes to build.

It lets start the parts needed in order to build this project. Are there Music this weeks, diy project is a giant led, pixel display, apart from just looking awesome, we can also program it to display useful data too, like notifications or stock prices, but ill be writing more in depth on that at a later date. For now its really just about making the display itself, i will, however, briefly mention that this is currently running a bit of software called gladiator by, which is a free but professional grade, led matrix control software that runs in java and can control up to 512 Pixels from an arduino, it works a bit like a dj mixer, but for pixel animation. So you have a left and a right pattern and you can mix between the two with a fader. You can even load in gif animations. If you like, anyhow how this was constructed first, i bought two reels of five meter. Long ws2812b led neopixels. These are about 35 each from china and i didnt use all of them, so theres some left for future projects.