It is very important to clean and sanitize all items during covet, but sanitizers should not be used on fruits, vegetables, packed fruits and other items. Let us check out this DIY Arduino disinfection box, that uses UV rays to kill viruses without water or chemicals. Music. Foreign Music scarecrow is a decoy or mannequin in the shape of a human, it is used to deter birds or other animals from feeding on growing crops. Let us check out this Arduino based solar scarecrow, that mimics human hand, movements to scare birds, Music. Thank you, foreign weather reporting system using Arduino and Raspberry Pi for the general public to get the latest weather information. Meteorologist and Report teams must work together quickly and efficiently. Well, here we simplify and automate the entire process using Arduino, where a system constantly transmits weather stats online over a web server foreign with automated billing using Arduino. We all are well acquainted with the houses of waiting in Long queues at departmental stores for billing. Let us check out this Auto billing trolley using Arduino that will cut down your waiting time and improve your shopping experience. Arduino based autonomous firefighting, robot firefighters face serious risk on their job. They frequently come into contact with high levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic hazards. Let us look at this arduino based firefighting, robotic system, this system independently detects and distinguishes Fire foreign system to measure solar power. Measuring solar power provides knowledge to make important decisions on future energy, heat efficiency, performance and maintenance.

Let us check out this arduino based solar power measurement system. Lets focus the light onto it. As you can see, as we bug the light directly over the panel, it is displaying voltage and current generated in milliamperes, as you can see as we bring it closer, it will uh give a higher voltage and current so now lets focus some light on the Lux Or the light sensor and as you can see, the light intensity has also increased Arduino based alcohol sense. Engine lock and GPS drunk driving is one of the major reasons behind Road accidents. Well, this arduino based alcohol sense engine lock system will help avoid such mishaps. As you can see, the motor starts rotating which will indicate the working of the vehicle, so the engine will keep running until it is in the under limit alcohol level. So lets now consider that the driver is drunk and to Showcase that we are going to use a sanitizer as an alternative for alcohol lets, put the bottle cap on the alcohol sensor. As soon as we put the cap on the alcohol sensor, the system detects alcohol rise and the engine stops instantly as the alcohol level is over limit, the message of the same is sent to the registered phone number. The specific location of the vehicle is sent via SMS on the registered number. So, with the help of this system, we can avoid accidents and save lives. By sending the report to the respective authorities, DIY ventilator using Arduino ventilators are typically expensive to purchase and maintain and need considerable training to use.

Well, let us check out this low cost. Diy ventilator using Arduino Music foreign, robotic arm and mechanum wheels. Robotic arms are used in picking and placing objects and can also be used to perform high risk tasks. Let us check out this Arduino robotic arm with mechanism Wheels which is capable of moving in any direction.