So the thickness. If you look at the spot, the thickness im going to try to increase it, okay, see what you call see what happened there. I think the thickness of this strip, because the positive sides, the pass, is a little bit stronger, so thats, probably why its acting like this im, putting now having it like 11., i was doing that nine. It does almost the same thing. This is eleven its a little bit thicker im gon na do one two. Let me try to change it to 12 and see what this work. Okay, change it to 12.. Well, lets see what this is. I just want to see the reaction of it because i think the strip is very strong and the positive parts on the positive side of it. It does require a bit more power, so yeah, i think, thats better. The 12 is better yeah. The 12 is better, but this doesnt matter because the im going to ship this battery im going to test it in new york im going to ship it back to haiti. So now i already know i think this trip. I have to do 12. The rest of them is is ill. Show you the guys, the difference? Okay, so, okay, this is really pretty nice. I kind of like it. The part i dont like is you cant shut it off itll, be nice. You have a button there, you press it and things shut itself off whenever you need to use it whenever you need to use it, and you can use it im, putting it back to 10 to 9 thats how it was so this part.

Well, there is so far this is the stuff. I did this trip. I did it. Okay, oh so you see theres one. This theres one come off yeah this one just come off im gon na put it back on 12, but i do intend because im gon na ship it to a container in haiti. I do intend to do we do it while im there, because transportation they can go and they can be so. I think i think that 12 will be better well. I have that then put the 12 in there put the 13 now and now hes, not in that okay, its working now, okay spot world its! Not that strong the strip is very strong, so i may have to remove the strip with the new strip there or increase the power right now. I had it on the 13. It came off lets see so theres not camera off, but i do plan to remove it to change it when i get this thing get to haiti. This is what i dont like about this. You got ta unplug it this part welder. It does his job. This game, this, the the millisecond, can go all the way up that thanks to 100, they were saying so im gon na show you guys something here now bring the camera very close. This is a spot world at nine. All these are nine its really well done. All of the stuffs at night, so i did all the those at nine nine nine its this thing is thicker.

This part is thicker its supposed to be eight. I dont know why. So maybe this is pure, copper, pier and pure nickel strip. This will be pure. So this i started with again this one i did at the 13, the rest of them. I had to redo it. This come off the rest of them. I did it with. I thinks was 10.. When i get to here, i increase it a little bit. So this is how it looks like it was. I was nine i didnt like it. I think the nine and the ten its not that much different the 11, but the titan is different. You know, so all these things done and no no mosfets blowing up. You put it together, you put this machine together once you put it together, i think the displays it doesnt say much theres, not much to learn its just but im, not this. This for for the food im, not im, not using that, so i dont even plug it in so this is does this job. This is my electric spot welder it does the job. This is about 200 battery and this thing fully fully i dont know. Let me do when did the voltage on this okay im going to try to do the voltage for you guys to see? Basically, this is the positive. This is negative on the side. This is 7s. I have the positive here on this side. The negative on this side, the voltage is 29.

1. The battery is fully charged its 29.1 thats 24 volt bodies. So everything look good now im going to try to put the pa bms. This is the bms im going to put on the pack im going to have a video for this bms and possibly test it im going to do the this vms im going to use this bms to put to put it back in the system im going to Try to put it together tonight my problem with this bms is theres no wire. They only got the support warrior, but theres no wire. This is the positive. This is negative. This is negative for power. This goes to the body to the main negatives. I think that one go to the bottom there and you just plug every one of them its pretty hard when they got different wires and we get to very confusing on this. Okay well other than that. Its youre good. So im going to put that in there. But this this is about this. It does work 100. I did the whole 200 to 200 batteries, so each body i do it twice and its written twice theres a few up there. I did three times so you do it three times time 200. On one side, thats about four 400 times its 400 times three, and how did it quickly it wasnt taking down long? Does it work? Yes, will i recommend it? I have to do a lot more with this, because a lot of people just recommend stuff and the damn thing doesnt work and i get – i guess, messed up in two and two of them.

You know so i can go higher on this uh on this. I can i can bring the the the thing higher, but im doing that between 9 and 13 i only did the biggest trip and 13.. Everything else is at 9., so i didnt want to go higher because when i get to 80 im gon na do at least one spot for every single one of them make sure theyre solid and another thing. My other body that i used to have, when i lift it up this thing, make a lot of noise its just coming off this doesnt. Do that see it doesnt make noise. Now the body i used to have – and when i lift when i pick it up, it was giving me a hard time to pick up but thats how you know the batteries. I see that noise is not supposed to do that. Oh boy, the tv the camera is about to come off anyway, so i think the noisy probably hit from that strip because thats the only ones not that strong, so i dont want to make it stronger. But for the time being i just want to test this by this working ship at home, because i can increase the level on this. I can increase the level, so i might do im at 13, so i can so im happy. This is working.