arduino nrf24l01

    The keystrokes are stored online and locally within the device. Sms alerts are sent to you if any trigger words, URLs passwords, etc are typed by the user. A web based interface is supported to show you what the user is typing on the keyboard at all times live and if unplugged key […]

arduino quadcopter code

    If you remember last time, I had just a very basic bread board style controller. Just had three buttons on it. I’Ve progressed things on a bit further now, using a touch osc for iOS just creates a little layout file for the your iOS device is compatible with our Android above it […]

arduino xbox controller

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to build an Arduino based RC transmitter. Very often, I need wireless control for the projects that I make so. Therefore, I built this multifunctional radio controller, which can be used for pretty much everything. Now I can wireless to control any Arduino project with just […]

arduino 433mhz transceiver

    I’Ll show you how you can use these to transmit data between two arduino z’ you’ll learn a bit about how amplitude shift keying works and we’ll build a remote temperature and humidity sensor. So stay tuned and welcome to the workshop Music, hello and welcome to the workshop today we’re going to […]