arduino rain gauge

    How to video I’m working on here is a my sensors rain gauge. This video formats can be a little bit different than how I normally do it. I’M gon na go through it at a higher level and the main reason for that is is I’m modifying an existing rain gauge there’s […]

arduino 9250

    . If not then here’s a quick rundown.. If your shelf is not level, then due then due to Earth’s gravitational force, the air bubble will not stay in the middle. That makes such a spirit level a handy tool the have, if you do not want your spherical objects to roll off […]

arduino z wave

    With my sensors check out the video description for a link to get more info on which controllers are compatible anyway, before I won’t show the actual controller, I want to do a quick demo of the irrigation controller working. So here it is I’m just going to turn on a single zone […]