rele arduino Arduino Play Arduino. Arduinoide 13 3 VOID LOOP Android.     rele arduino Video             rele arduino news     DIY Wi-Fi controlled relay – Elektor Posted on Wednesday April 11, 2018 DIY Wi-Fi controlled relay  Elektor … Continue Reading » A new antibiotic selectively kills Gram-negative pathogens […]

comandos do arduino

    We will do it with AT commands and we will use in Arduino for USB to serial communication to be able to program it with AT commands. Let’S see how it is done. We will see the WIFI Module. I think I am the cheapest in the market, even the most powerful here […]

arduino 9v adapter

    I Msica Msica lo primero que tenemos que hacer es tomar la batera de 9 voltios y debemos remover completamente toda la parte metlica hasta, que nos quede nicamente, esta pieza de aqu, que nos servir, para poder, conectar, otras, bateras de 9, voltios una, vez tengamos, esta pieza, Debemos de tomar los […]