arduino keyboard input

    The same interface nowadays seems like everything uses USB. It would be nice to use some of these devices with my electronics projects. The chip on my Arduino board could be used to output USB data. It can act as a USB device, but to receive USB data. It needs to act as […]

why arduino port not found

    However, when you connect to the USB port on your PC, then it doesn’t show up in your computer folder. Now you can try one or more of these solutions here, I’ll be presenting them in the order of complexity, so you don’t have to waste your time, trying some complicated fix when […]

arduino hid

    With this device you’ll be able turn any standard mouse or keyboard into a bluetooth, mouse or keyboard.. So if you can’t pwn noobs, because your fingers are too fat for the touchscreen. Like mine are., Then this device is perfect for you. It’s, also powered using the power cube. We made last […]