arduino project hub

    Today we are going to use an M FRC 522 RFID module that is connected to a relay module to turn a desktop computer on or off last cow. The code is basically taken from an RFID door, lock tutorial that I saw a couple of days ago. I just made some tweaks […]

arduino toggle switch

    I will teach you how to control a LED with a button. This is an easy project, so even if you’re starting you will have no problem here is what we are trying to achieve. You can see me controlling the lead with the button. The parts you will be needing today are […]

arduino 12v power supply

    Let’S talk about Arduino and motors Arduino zz are awesome. I love them and the reason I got into them whenever they came out, I think, is like 2006 is to control motors. That to me is the coolest thing, taking input from something and an output to something else and I’ve done […]