arduino engineering kit

    So if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m trying to get more into that IOT world start doing more classes again and, of course, an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and these type of devices are what the cool kids are playing with now. So I decided to […]

arduino 1.8.5

    The computer guy today’s class is introduction to the Arduino IDE, the integrated development environment. So this is a piece of software that you, you are going to be using to code for your Arduino, so it’s important to understand when you’re dealing with the Arduino you’re dealing with many components. So we […]

arduino language

    This is part one of what is likely going to be a three part series on programming in this one. We’Re going to talk about programming in general and what you learn in this episode will apply to just about every language it’s going to be high level overview. So if you are […]