arduino hdmi

    Here I want to show you how to make a do it yourself, Ambilight system, for your HDTV, if you’re not sure what this is, this thing is pretty cool. Basically, we’re going to put LED is around the back of our television and from there we can control these with a mini […]

is arduino worth it

    It is so easy to do that. I even created a Bluetooth firework igniter project and a standalone video about the HC 05 Bluetooth module in the past.. If you don’t remember this board, then let me say that it can be bought for just two dollars can be connected to your favorite […]

arduino project hub

    Today we are going to use an M FRC 522 RFID module that is connected to a relay module to turn a desktop computer on or off last cow. The code is basically taken from an RFID door, lock tutorial that I saw a couple of days ago. I just made some tweaks […]

arduino 6dof motion platform

    This is an overview of how the software works together. So, very briefly, the game must be patched by the sim tools: game manager. The plugins can be downloaded from X simulator for small fee to install the plug in used cin tools plug in updater located in the root of sim tools, […]