arduino data types

    So, by the end of this lesson, you’re going to be able to understand basically what a variable is and how to use variables and also how to spell the word variable if we’re lucky. So what is a variable and how do I make them so variables? They’Re programming tools that cut […]

arduino mega pinout

    The pins can be divided in two main functions as analog pins and as a digital pins. There are 16 analog input pins, those shaded in yellow labeled, from pin H 0 to pin a 15. Each pin provides a 10 bit of input resolution that is a range of 1024 different values […]

arduino dac

    We could also use the Arduino Uno or nano you can use them as well, but the Arduino mega has a lot more memory. This especially has 256 kilobytes of memory that we can use to store samples in so let’s. Just take a look how we can achieve this in the last […]

arduino 6v dc motor

    Even build a simple robot car that you can control using a joystick so stay tuned and welcome to the workshop. Hey welcome to the workshop today, we’re going to be working with DC motors and we’re going to be controlling them with a component called an L. 298 n H bridge we’re […]

arduino must have

    I will show you how to quickly get started with a LabVIEW interface for Arduino. The Arduino is a programmable microcontroller board that has several analog inputs and digital io lines. The Arduino language is text based and is used to create embedded programs called sketches, which you download to the board in […]

how arduino libraries work

    A couple we’re going to talk about some of the things that can mess up if you don’t do a couple things when you’re installing a library so I’m doing this, because a friend of mine, Roman asked me to do it. You know he just emailed me and hey hey, said: hey […]

is arduino software free

    The software that installs on your computer is completely free and it’s, designed specifically for ease of use. Now the program is called an integrated development, environment or IDE for short, and the fancy name might be a little intimidating, but it runs just like a text editing program on your computer. Now, […]

what arduino should i get

    Now this video is divided into three logical parts in the first I’ll talk about Arduino as a brand and a little background on what Arduino actually is in the second part, I’ll talk more specifically about the hardware and what it’s capable of as well as talk about Shields and different Arduino […]

arduino 32 bit

    . Two of the most popular are the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. So which one do you pick On the surface these boards look about the same.. They are a couple of circuit boards with some chips and IO connectors right In this episode of AddOhms we’re, going to take a look […]

arduino 2 inputs 2 outputs

    Several jumper wires, a push button. An LED and a corresponding resistor, in my case, it’s a 120 ohm, so without any further delay, let’s get started, so the Arduino itself has 13 pins which are capable of doing digital inputs and outputs. They are located up here, along with the ground and […]

arduino delay function

Now you might be wondering what use that is, and it’s actually quite handy not to use delay function that’s, because the delay function stops everything cold on the Arduino board. That means nothing else can run while that delay function is counting down its time. So imagine, for example, you had a cell phone […]

arduino keyboard emulator

    All I had mentioned earlier we’re going to look at the arduino leonardo and some of its USB emulation capabilities. Now remember this is different than you know. The processor is different. This is the 32: u 4, which means it has built in USB capabilities and the lovely people that arduino have […]

arduino 24v power supply

    I had a lot of questions from folks on driving large stepper motors with Arduinos, so I wanted to do a quick video on it. What we’ve got here is a 24 volt power supply, a micro step driver off eBay and NEMA 34 stepper motor and in Arduino I’ll go over the […]

arduino temperature controller

    It’S really easy to use with the Arduino and I’m going to show you how to correctly hook it up write a simple code to get it working on your computer. So you can monitor their temperature and then I’m going to show you how to control fans and motors and lights and […]

arduino 9600

    Now these are pins in UART transmission, that’s, universal asynchronous receiving transmission, and so what it is is it’s two data lines, one going to the Arduino that’s our X, our export receiving and one TX for transmitting. So if you are communicating with the computer, these pins will still go high and […]

arduino vs raspberry pi

    . Two of the most popular are the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. So which one do you pick On the surface these boards look about the same.. They are a couple of circuit boards with some chips and IO connectors right In this episode of AddOhms we’re, going to take a look […]

arduino as isp

    I want to use my WS 2801 led strip to play some different animations, which I want to cycle through with a push button., And it will get a separate micro controller than this Led matrix i’m. Currently making.. That means I need two outputs of the micro controller for the led strip […]

arduino strtok

    Answering a lot of questions. I got asking for an example for Arduino serial communications, with a little more in depth into how to do some parsing, because in the video I did, this was are doing a tutorial number 4. The first thing I did wasn’t exactly optimal and was rather limited […]

arduino 433mhz library

    I’Ll show you how you can use these to transmit data between two arduino z’ you’ll learn a bit about how amplitude shift keying works and we’ll build a remote temperature and humidity sensor. So stay tuned and welcome to the workshop Music, hello and welcome to the workshop today we’re going to […]

arduino yun mini

    Leonardo and it’s got an ethros linux processor on board, with built in Wi Fi, so it acts as both a leonardo and a Wi Fi linux board as well. You get the power of both in one when you first plug it into your machine. The union will show up to your […]