This is okay, two three days back in a commercial, video and theyre like a project based video relations, film concept, youtube local upload, laundry and now lets get started and see this, and before going in. This is a very special project and almost of one week lunch is sleepless and uh. Apart from that censorship, my team so lets get started and see my final hardware project of this semester and lets hope it is nice and uh either releases presentations. So im super excited but um i dont know it put relationship, but the commercial relationships are delicious. So now lets see Music so coming to the hardware. Firstly hardware, when smart condom so hardware lunch, martial arts, some of the main important things are captive, touch sensor. So touch pads and every mode, selection, cosmetic game, three modes and a healthy mode, junk mode and a mixed mode, so mode selections, costume, ive used uh a kept, a capacitive touch sensor and um the inventory of call enter. This is a very nice sensor because yeah, then action touches now relational monitor code because they have their inbuilt functions. Thats, a very nice part about the touch sensors now coming to the most interesting thing, which is the flex sensor so with the pac man game on mata, so pac man, every time mouth, open, jason pizza, recorded bender, depending on system depending on the processor, different values Of say so, we have to make sure the values are different for each one of them, but the pretty much indented.

This everything is an analog reading, so the analog reading name when im ordering a law, we fetch the data and the antara thing, entertainment and bitcoin. We send it off to processing and the other thing actually can you come a little closer uh. So this is a an accelerometer, so accelerometer achieve one of the hardest parts about this project you can implement. Celia though this is in version 2, if we had time so, accelerometer achieved needs to collect the moving data so intentionally. My first original idea: indented a pacman move based on your hand, movement or your leg, movement and ankunum, so thats. The reason we have placed an accelerometer here – um accelerometer uh code – is also pretty much simple in the country. These are all all the sensors are pretty much have inbuilt libraries, so libraries and gym and candida – and this is our very famous uh processing – uh. Sorry, the processor um, the micro usb processor, so the peripheral antenna, motor the this is being. This will be in bluetooth connection with this one. So this is a central board and this is the peripheral mode, so you didnt communicate. Yes, this will be connected to laptop and the data will be sending to this, and this will be powered up based on the battery. So right now you know i have plugged in my usb to the central and uh right now they both are communicating and the ktx is blinking continuously um and also the orange light, which is whichever is coming, shows that um.

These two are in bluetooth connection on mata, so enough coming to the code part, so, firstly, code in that ninja penetro, the arduino part, is pretty much very simple, its completely based on like how are we going to read the data or how are we going to Slice, the data so only thing indented management, format, law and like how are we going to take it from processing and how are we going to slice data and but but pretty much um, the capacitive sensor or the flex sensor, is pretty much hypnotic. Its all analog readings or its all uh inbuilt libraries from mata, so it was not hard. The actual hard part was writing the ui and the logic. So nearly 600 lines plus code, a um it took around one week to fully develop just the software part, so use contam uh. Let me play the game, so game news continue under that mata, so i have to select a mode so right now let me hit on something random, so i can click just the flex sensor, based on the bending of the flex sensor, thats, going to move Music Music, do Music so thats the game and uh code wishing martial adventure. There are some very specific details that we have to take uh. Firstly, code them got a very nicely functionally decomposed on mata, like we have made sure uh. Everything is not longer than hundred lines. Actually hundred lines quarter not customer usually go for 40 to 50 lines for each function, but this time due to processing features, i had to write little longer functions, so everything is functionally decomposed in the code process and also other thing.

Indeed, every single detail like, for example, pacman everything, is one single variable, so this is all our variables on the code law ill. Try to make this code, i get repository and ill try to post it uh on my github. So if somebody likes seeing the code, you can go see the code and um in coca cola and um. We have also written a paper me and my team has also written a paper for this so paper code, and you know i will ask the permissions and ill try to pause the paper too, so that you can read uh how the research paper has came out And yeah, apart from that pretty much in their project, this is what i wanted to show, and i really hope you liked it actually. Let me think of interesting thing and to keep all these things into a box. We also 3d printed this thing, but its cerebral leather, so weve made another version, but this is the testing version and uh. This is the final project of variable technology and ink a very interesting so im waiting for that to happen. So lets see how it goes. Um but yeah, this is my variable tech project um. There are other three more members who worked on it. All those credits and everything will be given on the paper so yeah. I hope you all really liked this video. Thank you. So much for watching uh keep following this page for really nice, computer uh or mostly programming related videos and lifestyle videos.