I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. I had a great one, and I am thankful for all my uh viewers and subscribers, and also the members of the membership site um, to show my appreciation for you. I got something for you all here. I got this little Arduino set up and Im going to show you something in just a second after I tell you about the uh Im, the membership site. We do have the Snap on class course up there, its a very uh basic course, but it goes over to points that I see technicians, having trouble with all the time so be sure to check that out its ten dollars a month to be a member of The Court you have access to, basically all the material I put up there – lots of great stuff and the Snap on course. I think its about 32 minutes long, its not super long, its broken down into little sections uh little pieces at a time. So you dont get overwhelmed, but that being said, if you guys remember that Mercedes Benz crankshaft sensor, I had a while ago the 2015 uh GLA 250 that had a piece of rust on a Magneto resistive sensor, causing an extra tooth on the sensor and its do. A shop here to snap on scope, but they werent able to capture the fault they didnt see it because they were looking at just the scope side of things, not the graphing multimeter.

I made a demonstration board or a Arduino project right here and just so you guys know. I have the sketch available, basically the the code that I had to go through and write which isnt a big deal, but you know its pretty simple stuff, but its all uh. You know true to the real vehicle. All this is up on the website: hands. Onautotraining.Com. You dont have to pay anything to get here. You go over to resources and then click on links right here and once you click on the links you scroll down, and here is the our Arduino Mercedes crank sensor sketch file. You click on this. If you dont already have the uh Arduino IDE, you have to get that. You need to get a Arduino board as well. That is this. Guy in a breadboard would be helpful to complete the sketch or to complete the project, and then you can go ahead and you can see the sketch here. This is just telling uh this basically how the microcontroller should work. Nothing fancy Im going to probably make a better video more in depth on that for the membership site, but right now the Snap on stuff is up there. But lets talk about this real quick. So we had that crank sensor that had a little glitch. It had an extra tooth and uh snap on scope. It would be very hard to see not impossible but very difficult to see so check this out Im going to introduce default, and you can see clear as day this is the frequency graphing on the Snap on scope, just going to graphing multimeter set up hit the Auto setup function right over here, and this is what you get.

If I have a fault, you can see clears day that we have the fault there now lets take a look over here at the uh, the picoscope. This is the picoscope uh. What do you got? Were using a 2205a scope here and uh were running the scope here, Im running this and capturing hit the stop button and you can see if I move my uh rulers between the missing teeth right here. We do have 58 teeth. Let me go ahead and been introduced. A fault Im running the scope and pushing that button on the Arduino controller and youll, see here clear as day you can see weve captured default. So if I go back on my waveform buffer, you can see right there. This increase, let me drag this down, you can see that increase in depth frequency math Channel, and if I go between my curse between my missing teeth and my rulers, youll see we have 59 teeth and we can just go ahead and zoom in here. We might be able to see it with our there. You go, you can see that fault clearly, but I got to tell you with the snap on scope not impossible to see that extra little tooth, but its not something I would ever find. So I want to make sure you guys know on the website: not the membership site or nothing just for free Hands On auto training go to resources links you can download this sketch put it together, check it out if youre, not a member of the Hands On Auto training membership site the core subscription, like I said ten dollars a month, youd have access to this uh Snap on course that I just put together, I think its pretty good its, not super long.

I may add more to it, but Im just giving you what you need to know, so I hope everybodys doing well.