My system will use temperature sensor to control the red light beside. I also integrate an lcd screen for user to easily monitor the temperature index of a day. So now i will start weakness. Temperature sensor this project, targeting user in vietnam, so on conditions, are based on the climate in vietnam. The average time when the sun set and rise in vietnam during the year is nearly 6 a.m and 6 p.m. At sunrise, the temperature usually reached 26 degrees celsius or more and radial increase by the time the sun sets. The temperature is from 26 degrees celsius, lower and lower when it comes to night. When people go to sleep, the temperature is usually 23 degrees celsius or below, because i remember the temperature sensor to have the three main temperature zones, along with the display of temperature statue and now for each part on the lcd for user to see clearly so now I will check for you to see that the first when the temperature at 25 degrees celsius, so you can see the work light on in here and you can see the the white led turn on. This is the time when the people do something in the house. So they will have the light. The white light turn on. So when the the temperature decrease, you can see when the temperature at 23 degrees celsius, and it will have the work evening. This is the time when this is the time that people will go to bed to sleep thats, why? I use the yellow light that will help people easier for sleep and now degree more and just like that.

But when the temperature reaches 26 yeah group 26 and a ball, the two line will turn up and because this is the time when the sun rise and at that time the temperature on white, wrist 26 degrees celsius or more thats. Why? I will ram it? It will i remember that, on the light will turn off thats, why you can see that in here and because vietnamese people often organize property at home. I added rbg red light to support the party. The system everything led come in different color control via button depend on the number of times the button depressed. It will rotate different color of the left blinking the lighthead on time on 5 5 tie up lasting color. So you can press the button up to find time in a row to see the difference and if you press six time in a row, it will automatically turn up and return to a new cycle. So now i will for you to see that so now i will turn the the red light on, not that you can see that the red light of the red lion. Now you can see the blue line, it change the color and the ring line.