I am danish martin here to present you a project. My group member tanak, will connie kumbar and now that lokhande helped me a lot to complete this project under the guidance of professor chin, madish pandey, sir, this we have to use a software application known as tinkercad, so you will ask what is tinkercad a tinkercad? Is application which is used to simplify constructive, solid geometry method of constructing models? The software allows us to add electronic circuit to 3d models in order to create object with light and movement. The end result can even be simulated on the software to check how the component will respond in our real drive from here i will hand hand over this project. Explanation to a group. We member this experiment, virtual with the help of tinkercad, for this experiment. We need an arduino board, we take an arduino board from the component box and place it over the workspace. We also need an led which we take from the component box. We connect anode of the led to pin number 13 of the arduino board. Now we take an resistor, we connect resistor, we connect the terminal to of the resistor to the anode and terminal one of the resistor to the ground. Now we start after after assembling the components, we start stimulation. As we see the led starts blinking procedure code, the code starts out with two gray command blocks. The first blue output block sets the built in led high high, is nothing but arduinos way of describing on the output command will activate the 5v signal and to anything that is connected to the specified.

Pin next up is the yellow command block that waits for one. Second, so the program will pause for one second, while the led is on for one second. Next after the comment is the blue output blocks to set the led back to low or off, followed by another? Second long pause now well see the code that runs this program. First, as we see is the void setup and in what setup is pin mode 13 output pin mode 13 is nothing but the code to indicate that led is connected to 13 pin of the arduino board and output, because led is an output device. Next is the main part of the program which is indicated in curly brackets. Digital write, 13 high high is nothing but the code to turn on the led delay. 1000. Delay. 1000 is nothing but to pause for one minute, one second, so to notice the changes. I would edit here and at five thousand milliseconds, which means five seconds next. Is the delay 13 low low is nothing but to turn off the led here. Also ill change to 5000 now well run the program as we see the led is lit for 5 seconds and after the 5 seconds the led bulb is turned off, and here is the code explanation used for blinking of light in tinkercad when the code editor is Open you can click the drop down menu on the left hand, side select block text to reveal the arduino code generated by the code block.

The first section in tita blog comment describing what the program does block comment are bookend by opening and closing the co. The code setup, which helps set up things you program, will need later it run once when the program start up and contain everything within its curly brackets a blank sketch a set of configures pin 13 as an output which prepare the board to send signal to it. The main body of the program is inside the loop integrated by another set of curly brackets. This part of the code will execute on repeat so long as the board has power. The colored text, following the double slashes, are also common. To help make the program easier to understand. The output command we are using is called digital write, which is the function that set up in high or low on or off to pause. The program we will use delay, which take the number of miles second blinking led circuit, can be used for any visual sign indication in any highways, or it can be used in advertisement. Holding also led blinking circuit can be used in signaling purposes. Led blinking circuit can be used as flashing beacon, led blinking. Sorted circuit can be used as vehicle indicator when it is broken down in the middle of the road. It can be used in operation, theaters or offices. As an indication that you are engaged in work, i would like to thank my teammates for the support and cooperation throughout the project.

We would also like to thank our guide chin myself for supporting us and guiding us throughout the project. We would also like to thank electrical branch faculty and zeal college of engineering and research for giving us this wonderful opportunity.