Okay, so this is the arduino uno and um. We will have an example on how to use this one okay. So this is your uh power cord within yourself now in order to power on the arduino okay, so for today, uh since i do not have my accessories, so we will just use ill, just use this one. Now they are the serial monitor now, for example, okay. So this is the by the way lets start a new. This is your arduino uh environment. The recommend program, so by the way planning is up. Okay, so in using the arduino environment veronica function. First, you have the setup and the loop and theres a set up set up here. Okay, so for today an example, we will use the serial monitor. So this is the serial monitor, mug Music, what variable global variable, meaning polynomial universe among program, cunning word, na input or variable input, okay and then just set up in order to use the serial monitor, commit another ninja codes, real that begin, so manisha, ampad and serial Monitor and then getting 9 600 morning and yeah im both right some morning close and open bracket, parenthesis now im going to say, opening or closing them on program, im on function and then enters a loop, okay and theres a loop. I will use the while loop, while serial serial.available available is equal to zero um Music. Uh input is equal to the input. Okay variable serial red string data is equal to data, equals serial dot, print line, serial.

print line, uh cement input; okay, okay, no, okay and then compiler. Okay, make 194. First answer: foreign foreign, okay, hey, okay, a clear output make 194 okay. Make 194 is very easy. Very easy, okay, so huh out then, and then 10 milliseconds go whats number one answer: okay, now standard did not delete one thousand milliseconds ago or one one.