It is a miniature computer, it is about the size of your palm of your hand, its very small, and there is actually a cryptocurrency that is designed to mine on it. I am going to mine was called dwinocoin because it is a arduino or a raspberry pi. Theyre in the same family of tiny computers and theres also several other coins that we can mine on them. So i did order several of these raspberry pies and we are going to start mining um duino coin first. So this is the first video in the series and to get started here. We are going to download this raspberry pi uh operating system imager. So i already have it downloaded here. It is. The first thing were going to need to do is choose the operating system. So im going to go raspberry, pi os other, and i want to go raspberry pi os light, and the reason i want to go light is because i dont want to have very much on this raspberry pi, because im trying to mine with it so were going To leave that and were going to hit right here and were going to hit yes and there we go. We are now writing to my little msata drive, which is going to be mounted below the raspberry pi and as soon as this is done, i will mount it into the raspberry, pi and well get the raspberry, pi booted and start the commands over there all right.

So i have just plugged in the raspberry pi – and this is the screen as its going to start booting up. So here we go its re resized. The root file system is rebooting in five seconds. Now we get a rainbow screen again and it should reboot here in just a second there we go and its now booting into the operating system. So this is going to take a second, its going to reboot a couple of times dont be too concerned by that. Eventually, it should ask you for a login, so the login to all the raspberry pis default here it is its asking me for the login is going to be pi p. I, the password, is r a s. P b e r r y raspberry enter and we have now logged in so now we need to start running our commands. So let me take you off that screen and well bring you back over here, and it says duino coin, to get started right here and ill leave a link on this website down below so were going to scroll down a little bit, and it actually says right Here were going to mine with your your computer cpu, so you can do this on your cpu. If youd, like you, can mine with an arduino which is a type of raspberry pi, you can mine with an actual raspberry pi, or you can mine with these other two internet browser or an esp, which is a little tiny type of raspberry pi board its made By the same company at least today, i have raspberry pis were going to click there and its going to tell us raspberry pi boards are also a great choice for mining.

They can run headlessly. Headlessly means that theres no monitor today im using a monitor to show you guys, but you dont, have to have a monitor connected to this. You can remotely access it in shell ssh and you can run all these commands today. I do have a mouse and keyboard attached to it, just to make it easier for me to run and uh record this for you guys, so they dont use a lot of power and the computing itself is quite powerful. We assume you are a raspbian or another debian based distro on your raspberry, so what theyre saying is uh that raspberry pi os light that i just installed thats what theyre, referring to so after you have that you can get in your terminal thats. What we just showed and were gon na, need to run these commands right here. So the first thing that were going to have to do is run pseudo app to update and sudo apt upgrade dash y, and then we will go back over to the raspberry pi. So here we are im going to start typing in these commands, so sudo go sudo apt, update, ampersand, ampersand, sudo, apt, upgrade dash y and then the pound sign. Now the pound sign on this keyboard was actually the backslash button shift. Plus three creates this little weird. Uh l like a um money sign for europe, thats, not gon na work for me, so i did the backslash and i got a pound sign now.

Lets finish this up update dependencies and you need to really pay attention when you type all this stuff in. If you dont do the right, uppercase or lowercase in any spot, it wont work properly. Its all got to be whats called syntax, which means it has to be the proper spacing. It has to be the exact right, uppercase lowercase position. Everything needs to be exactly right or it may not work. So i get a lot of questions about how to do some of this stuff and a lot of times that i find that its a syntax error, its an error in uppercase or lowercase, or something like that, and even myself. I already set this up once before. I started recording this video just to make it more seamless for you guys and when i did that i actually typed in my wallet address incorrectly, i put an anonymous. My my wallet address is anonymous miner and i put it in, as am am a mommas miner. So i was waiting for a while and i was recording and nothing was popping up on the pool and i finally figured it out its because well, i put in my wallet, address wrong so make sure you do not mess up. Your wallet address like i did, or you wont, get paid for anything and now im going gon na. Let this finish, updating and well come back in just a minute all right, so it finished that first command that we ran.

I also tried to connect it to the wi fi and uh realized its not gon na work yet so um now i ran the sudo apt update again right. You can see that in the middle of the screen i ran sudo apt, update and sudo apt upgrade again just to see and it ran it and says its all done so now were going to run on to the next command. Sudo apt install python 3 python. 3 dash pip get backslash for the hashtag, install python3 and git and then were going to let this run. I dont think this takes very long. Do you want to continue? Yes, i would like to continue with that, because its asking, if i want to use additional disk space – yes, i do want to use additional disk space. This, i believe, only takes a couple of seconds so back to what i was saying again. You really want to make sure that you dont type any of this stuff incorrectly or its not going to work. So syntax is key here for this command line, prompt stuff and its just the main thing there so well be back in just a second, when this is done all right. So lets finish that its finished downloading python 3. so now were going to run git clone https colon forward slash forward, slash github space hashtag clone arduino dashcoin repository okay enter now its going to clone everything that it finds at that web address and its going to Automatically just download it all thats what the cloning part of it is.

So it looks like my internets being a little bit slow right now. Um so well be back in just a minute when this is done all right. So next thing were gon na need to do is make a wallet so were over here at This is the web wallet im going to use this and were going to put in all my information. I am a human there we go, lets put in motorcycles got them, i think thats, a motorcycle too. There we go yeah, they do believe. I dont know. Human now lets create a wallet success and we can log in absolutely awesome all right. It looks like its finished that now the next one that we need to run is cd arduino coin and then were gon na need to do a hashtag enter arduino coin directory. Okay, so now this is gon na actually enter that file, and you see how that changed. Right there and now it says duino coin thats because were in that arduino coin file, so its going to try to access whatever we are in right there. So now i want to try and run python 3 with pc minor right and look at how i capitalize pc, i put an underscore, and then i capitalize minor and then im gon na put us period and a py no spaces then were gon na put a Hashtag and were gon na go launch the official miner and hit enter there.

We go so it says: somethings not installed its going to automatically try and install it there. We go its collecting something its downloading stuff and its going to run some stuff, and this is where, at the end of all this, i messed up and what i mean by i messed up. Is it asks you for your wallet address? It asks you for if you want to name your rig and everything i did all that stuff, but i misspelled my wallet address, so i was watching for it and watching for it and watching for it, and it never showed up, because i had the wrong wallet Address and i went into the discord and the guy helped me out, and he told me to erase some file and do something i couldnt figure it out. I ended up reflashing the images you guys saw in the beginning of the segment or this video i reflashed. The entire msata drive it didnt take very long, and now here we are so this time like ive, been telling you guys here we go so enter your username. I put an am like that: no no, a n o m there we go so there and then a capital m a one and three r. There we go so i had an m at the very beginning over there and it wasnt showing up so yeah dont. Do that now the intensity were going to set mining intensity to 100.

Just because i have a pretty large cooler on this little guy number of threads were going to go four select the mining difficulty. It says right there for raspberry pis use one there we go. Do you want to use a rig identifier? Yes, i do desired. Rig name were going to name this raspberry pi 4. There we go and then were going to set developer donation level. One thats, a traditional recommended is one there you go and there we go. We are off to the races, its searching for the fastest node to connect to there. We go its starting a mine and we have an accepted share. We have four accepted shares there. We go so im gon na. Let this mine to the pool and ill come back when i can show you guys the results all right guys. So now we are back. We are tracking the pool here and, as you saw the screen just flashed from about 60 cents to 18 cents. The daily rewards are all over the place right now. I am not really sure how much money im gon na end up making with this, but even at 18, now its 21 cents, i mean um. The miner itself is pulling a solid 730 to 740 kilohash in the software. I can show you that real quick – you can see this right here, its i mean its just pulling in chairs, so its doing really. Well, i turned up the.

I turned up the intensity to 100. I reset my wallet and i also changed out the power supply so that we no longer have that lightning bolt at the top right so now were definitely cooking along were doing really well and its just again, all over the place. It shows 34 cents now, 22 cents. I mean i have no idea what to see over a long period of time, how much money im actually gon na make on this um. However, the raspberry pi you can find them anywhere from like 50 bucks. All the way up to about eighty ninety dollars shipped to your door, so at any rate, you can definitely find one for less than a hundred bucks, so thats. What i am gon na tell you is, you can start mining in this situation for less than a hundred dollars, so i mean even if it its showing right now, 20 cents, now 37 cents lets. I mean the average is kind of around 20 cents. So lets say that im making 20 cents a day that means five days. I make a dollar and it was lets, say 80 bucks. That means 80 times five days. It will pay itself off with this raspberry pi. So its kind of interesting i dont, really expect it to pay itself off in a short period of time. One of the things i do think im going to do is you can actually wrap some of these coins on here.

So if i come down, i believe theres a way to wrap them. At any rate, you can wrap these tokens and that youre basically tokenizing them and you can store them on your tron wallet, so thatll probably be in another video ill. Explain how i did it and how i set my arduino here that im mining right, because it says right here, im going to mine 71.4 arduino, so that arduino im going to wrap it in the tron and im going to store it on the tron network. On my ledger, because im actually storing on my tron on my ledger and im staking my toronto, my ledger as well and earning interest. So i will show you guys that on another video, thanks for tuning in today, thats it for the raspberry pi mining arduino coin. For now i will do a couple more videos on the raspberry pi mining. Other coins uh like, for example, raptorium and miner monero, so were gon na do a whole little raspberry, pi, video farm or a farm video. So thank you guys for tuning in. If you could like comment, subscribe and uh share this video with other friends, this is a really cool way to get mining theres a lot of people that dont know how to get started and if you can get started with this, its a very, very low barrier To entry i mean pretty much: everybody can get one of these raspberry pies im! Sorry if you cant, but this is a very, very cheap way to get into mining and make a little bit of money and passive income.

So without further ado, i will also be sticking a watt meter on it and i will show that at the end here and well show the power consumption while its mining all right.