So the main difference between arduino and raspberry pi is that arduino runs on a microcontroller while raspberry pi runs on cpu, so different parts of raspberry pi. So this is the ethernet port for the raspberry pi, and these are four usb 2.0 ports. So ethernet port is used for the internet connections and the usb ports. It said had any external things such as hard drive, uh keyboard and mouse. So on the very bottom. Here we have sd card reader, so you can use that if you want to insert any external micro sd card storage over here we have the main broadcom processor, so this is bcm2837 cortex, 853 broadcom processor, so that is the main cpu for this whole model. This is for the raspberry pi, 3 model b, plus module, and so over here we have hdmi port for the hdmi output into tv and into monitors over here we have micro, usb port for power source. We also have dc barrel jack for the um im. Sorry thats not dc powertrack. This is audio uh, video and audio track over here, and here we have camera connector. So what you do is you always take this out over here? You will push this out slowly, then you insert wire inside and then you fasten it as so, and this also one is the same mechanism as camera connector, but it uses its a for display connector over here, and so these gpio pin gpio stands for general purpose.

Input output pins, so this is commonly used in many industrial practices and purposes, and this is a very good board to get into the gpio. So these can be used for a variety of things such as controlling sensors and controlling motors. Those are the most common purposes for that, so that its the raspberry pi, 3b plus and im moving on to arduino. So this is the main arduino microcontroller chip. So this is what runs everything over here is the chip that allows to connect the usb to microcontroller. So this is yet another microcontroller to have the um connection between these two. This is also the usb port, where you transfer your code inside here so, and you can also its also a way to insert the power inside here as well. So what you do is that you connect this with into your computer and then once you connect that you can upload code inside there, but you do need to have the arduino ide installed for that. This over here is reset button for arduino. So if you want to do this, this reset button is uh linked all the way to the smart controller. This resets microcontroller can reset your code to start from beginning. This is also dc barrel jack. This is whether it can be used for the power, and so youre allowed to get the power in here. So the main feature of arduino is these pins theres many different types of pins, as opposed to raspberry pi, which has all of like all, mainly gpio, pins and the ground pen.

This is in the 3b plus, i believe in raspberry pi, before there are some more new um things so over here we have digital pins, ground, pin ar ef pins, and then we have sda scl pins as well. So then theres power pins more power pins over. Here, as you can see, the the ground crown 5 volt 3.5, the reset pin, you can link this to a button and this will work for the reset and then we have a um. I o r e f pin and then these analog spins are a 0 to a 5 12 of 6 analog pins for collecting in the inputs. So basically these are the different parts on arduino and raspberry pi. So i mean, like i said at the beginning: the main difference is that this is a microcontroller, but while this is full on computer thats, why it has hdmi port, so you can connect it to there and the usb ports for connecting the mouse and keyboard.