It is a robot that relies on calculations to position. Servos and pre. Programmed sequences of legs, 3D printing was used to create the mechanical parts of the robot. You can print the parts yourself or order online for 3D printing service Music. I chose PCB way for 3D printing service, because SLA type printer was required for excellent dimensional accuracy and smooth surface of parts. Sla type printers use resin material and provide excellent surface quality in pla prints made with the most common 3D printer type. Fdm extra processes such as sanding may be required for a good fit of the moving mechanical parts PCB way provides printing services for many material types. I recommend you to take a look at its web. Page lets start assembling the parts: Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, foreign foreign Music. The Assembly of the 3D mechanical Parts is complete. Before we assemble the servo rocker arms. We must Define all the servo positions to 90 degree angle. You can build a breadboard circuit for this just like here, but it looks too complicated and I designed a PCB to avoid the complexity foreign. You can find the necessary circuit, diagram and Gerber file for the PCB in the video descriptions. I chose PCB way for PCB printing service actually PCB way includes many services, and this makes everything easier lets solder, the PCB in the next step and make the board usable foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music. The board is ready.

You can find the list of necessary components used in the video description now lets upload the source code to Arduino Nano that will rotate all Servo positions to 90 degrees, Music, foreign Music.