Lets do this. You can learn this all right, Josh, you got a Mac right. I do okay, so lets go ahead and share your screen and go ahead and open up a browser window, Google, whatever and just search for vs code – and it should pop probably one of the first things that pops up there you go youve already been to the Site so go ahead and go to vs code and then theres like multiple download places right, but I think the easiest one is just right there. On the front of the front, big blue button, there download its going to self detect or its going to detect what which one youre on. If not you can like, specifically select your machine, so you can save it to the desktop thats. Fine should download a zip all right and then once its done, you can just double click that zip file and it should install it for you, cool extracting, sweet all right. Now you can uh like you can do it. However, you want usually Ill take. You know Ill take that and Ill drag it to my applications. Folder I dont know if youve got your applications, folder pinned to your desktop or not it doesnt, really matter, but dont. Okay, so uh go ahead and double click vs code and it should open double clicking is hard. I know its like. I know, Music, its Microsoft. What could go wrong right, all right, sweet yeah and just make that full screen for us if we could? Okay, so youve installed vs code man.

This is great, nice, nice, okay. So now the next thing were going to do because were trying to get this to work with Arduino is theres an extension. We need to install uh theres, actually a couple extensions that we can try to get the Arduino to work with vs code Im going to use the one that Microsoft creates. Uh, makes and and manages all right so over. On the left hand, bar uh theres like a work bar there, I dont know what the appropriate name for that is, but uh at the very bottom theres a thing that looks like blocks. You know like little building blocks thats the extensions so go ahead and click that and extensions are something like that. You can add um to the IDE to like, extend it essentially the vs code IDE, and so what you want to do is go to so its already showing you for recommended, like some Arduino stuff, which is cool, so go ahead up at the top theres. A search bar click, the search and type in Arduino there you go see that top one its got a little blue check mark where it says Microsoft. Now click install its going to go through a little installation process. Here: okay, thats, an old logo there, yeah yeah. I guess it is kind of an old logo, its its kind of a conglomeration of yeah thats, totally a little old logo, youre right all right notice that it opened up your Arduino, IDE and thats.

Probably something important to note: if you want vs code to work with Arduino, you know with your Arduino boards. You also have to have the Arduino IDE installed. Now this is a little caveat. Thats rather uh, I dont know semi technical, you theres, actually a command line tool that Arduino makes that you can also use, but we wont talk about that right now. As long as you know, you just got ta have the Arduino IDE installed uh to use vs code with Arduino gotcha, all right sweet, so you want to go back to the uh there. We go okay, sweet! So look youve downloaded this Arduino extension. Now I want you to notice over on the left where it says installed, see were also installed, a C C plus plus extension in there yeah all right so thats just stuff. That kind of, like you know, sometimes these extensions, have like dependencies and theyll install some other stuff for you too. Okay and it can can happen uh, you, like you, install one and then all of a sudden youve got all these different extensions installed in there. All right so now, what I want to do is I want to open up like I want to do a smoke test. I want to like actually test that everything is working here. Okay, so what were going to do is were going to open up the Arduino Sketchbook folder, okay and thats, going to be the space that we work in so were going to open a folder in vs code and its going to be the Arduino Sketchbook folder, which Is like the folder, where all your Arduino files get stored so go ahead and I want you to go up to file at the very top.

You know its going to be like the drop down there. You go so go to file and I want you to go to Open folder all right now. I want you to find your Sketchbook folder. Usually its documents yep there. It is Arduino and then select Arduino. This is generally the Sketchbook folder all right. Okay, now go ahead and click open all right great. So now I want you to go in the top left and uh theres a theres like a two pieces of paper on top of each other, its in that sidebar, not at the very top yep there. You go wait two pieces of paper, oh right, there yeah yeah, that I dont know what what do you call it youre totally right. I just got scared, because this kind of looks like paper all right, yep, that that thing thats the Explorer so click that so now see where it says: Arduino is at the top thats like the top folder and then inside that you have your libraries folder. Those are like the pre installed, Arduino libraries so go ahead and click the little arrow next to libraries, to make that small, okay great. So now what were going to do is were going to test that weve got everything set up. Okay, so I want you to go ahead and create a new folder. So if you go over to the right, there should be a button there to create a folder.

I think theres, usually a drop down suggestion that looks like it yeah there we go. Okay, go ahead and click that and I want you did you do it yep? Oh, you know what, though heres heres, what happens see how it made the folder inside of libraries. We dont want to do it inside libraries. So actually just go ahead and put your put your mouse below Arduino, so open up, Arduino, again put your mouse below libraries, right click and now say a new folder gotcha. There we go and now just call it smoke underscore test and a smoke test is when, like youre, just youre, trying youre making sure something works right like youve got it all wired up correctly, okay, so now what youre going to do is right. Click on smoke test and then say new file, and now I want you to name this smoke underscoretest.ino now. The reason you need the enclosing file is because uh, the Arduino IDE thats, like just how it organizes its files, its got an Eno file inside an enclosing. Folder of the same name right when youre on the Arduino IDE you dont have to like do that. You know you dont, have to make the folder and put the file in it like your Arduino IDE handles that for you, but were in vs code. So you got to do it yourself, right, gotcha, okay, so thats. What the Eno I dot Ino is so I can hit okay yeah, so now were in a in a DOT Eno file.

Okay! So now what were going to do is uh Im. Just gon na have you write out a blank sketch, really quick, all right. This is going to be our test, but you probably need an Arduino all right, heres, an Arduino man, awesome, cool, okay, um, so go ahead and hook that up and then just real quick. Well, go through writing a blank sketch, okay, Music. You know its Times Like These that I I really like to sit back and reflect take inventory on on my intentions and my inner dialogue whats going on in this sketch. What is what is blinking an LED really mean, and what did pin 13 do to be held above the rest to 12. Do something so bad that it deserves to kind of be ostracized from the blinking LED community. These are the nagging questions and on an emotional level, I just want to express that I dont even know. If I like this guy, why does he have so much to say? Why is his sweatshirt blue? I dont know this. This is just a lot harder than I expected. I hope its almost over Music, all right so Josh weve written out just a simple blink sketch here, which is cool now notice – that, like a bunch of words, are underlined right so theres something going on here: um because its not like the the IDE isnt recognizing The keywords and stuff like that, like pin mode and digital right and high and all that kind of thing yeah, I think thats going to get cured once we like verify and upload um, but before we do that, you got ta see down at the bottom.

So at the bottom of your screen in the blue, weve got all these different options here. So what youre going to do is because, just like in the Arduino IDE, where you have to select the board and the port and all that stuff were gon na, do the same thing here. So youve got an Arduino Uno, go ahead and select the board from up top and theres all types of different boards. In here, like esp8266 esp32, you know, theres a ton of different boards in here same that youre, going to find in uh your Arduino IDE, okay. So youve got Arduino Uno selected uh go ahead and select the serial Port its on there. You go thats. Second, one Arduino. Okay, now select the programmer down at the bottom, for an Arduino Uno, its just going to be AVR ISP, go ahead and select that and what is ISP real, quick Music in system programmer awesome. Of course, I remembered that okay, sweet all right, so weve got the Port selected. Weve got the board selected. Weve got the programmer selected sweet. So now what youre going to do in the you can close that little Arduino board configuration um? No, you dont want to do that. Thats thats it right there, yep, okay, so now theres a bunch of buttons at the top there in the top right. One of them is upload and one is verified. Lets go ahead and verify this first um now so see that big list of stuff right there go ahead and just type in smoke test is.

This is like searching for the file. Okay, see now thats the one that you want to actually uh verify, so click that notice. It opens up the Arduino IDE see this its opening up. The Arduino IDE now go ahead and scroll back over and it should be saying verify and Bam. Okay, so see now this that black space at the bottom – that is the console right so go ahead and uh see the part where it says sketch uses 924 bytes yeah that this is what you would normally see printed out to the console in your Arduino. Yes, okay, its showing you the same stuff, okay, sweet man, uh thats, pretty much it can you show us your Arduino board is the oh. Actually, we didnt upload it, though right go ahead and upload. It now thats that button right. There click upload again its using the Arduino IDE functionality to actually upload it to the board its like interfacing with that and then in the bottom, see where it says: Arduino IDE uploading in the very bottom on the blue. There yep – oh oh man, oh no, AVR, dude, yeah, no, all right! The infamous ABR dude, uh error. Okay, this is like a git sync, all right, so lots of troubleshooting. We could do here Josh, but this is a thing that happens on the Arduino IDE or it can happen in other IDs like here. We are in vs code right, okay, so what youre going to do first, troubleshooting step for this? I think the easiest thing is just reset your Arduino board, just press the reset button yep and then go ahead and click upload again and lets see what happens Music.

Oh dude man got ta clean up some of that stuff, all right now notice in the bottom. Its uh Arduino uploading all right, usually when it takes this long. It means we got ta this isnt gon na. Do it so can you go and scroll to the bottom of your console? Oh so its like attempting yeah and once it gets to 10 itll, say yeah. It just kind of gives up: yep, okay, so this aint gon na work all right. So now. What I want you to do is unplug your Arduino board, just pop it out yup and pop it back in foreign at the bottom. It doesnt say Arduino uploading anymore, like thats what you want to do when youre doing these troubleshooting steps, you want to make sure that its done doing that before you try next troubleshooting step: okay, okay, so first thing we tried: uh was just resetting the board. Now we unplug the USB plug it back in go ahead and click upload again. I think you actually hit the verify button there, but thats okay, yep there we go hit upload Music great. So now it uploaded so go ahead and uh can we show us your board? Do we see a LED on at Pin 13 sweet, okay man, that is it nice job man feeling pretty good about that yep that wasnt too hard? Okay, so heres? What Im thinking man um? What I want you to do now is walk me through installing vs code on my PC, okay, okay, all right because, like you just you know what I mean like hey, thats kind of learning like thats for sure on a Mac.

Youve done it now. I want you to walk me through on doing it on a PC. Okay, awesome! I can just wait Ill, just recall it all, and here we go okay. Lets do this all right. Mike now were the tides have turned. I will be showing you how to download vs code so on a PC right and you you dont, really use PCS. I dont use PC so Ill. Just have to all right walk my way through it lets go to whatever browser you use on your PC. I use Chrome, sweet animal search for vs code. Awesome lets see if it identifies yeah download for Windows, so just okay, thats nice, that it identifies save it anywhere. I will save it anywhere got a lot of good stuff in there its like a new computer. So I think its just like bloatware crap, you know oh really yeah bloatware stuff. Now what I like to do Mike is go down to the bottom left and just open it straight from your browser, just open that double click. It is Music and you can accept that its interesting I didnt have to accept it on Mac yeah. That is interesting. Whats true, I dont know Im interested yeah all right lets see its gon na go to programs, Microsoft, vs code, okay, sweet Music, looks good, okay, um, create this. I think all that looks good. This does say requires show restart all right. Whatever you sure asked me a whole lot more doesnt it, oh yeah click install.

I dont even feel like I had to do this install look at the Gnomes working here. You didnt really walk me through that Im a little like what gives man. I thought. Youre gon na show me how to do this. Okay, Im just scared of this interface and then well hit finish Mike laundry digital Studio code and its opening up for us sweet wow looks like youve been in here before I have been in here before yep. Do you want to do a smoke test, or are we well, we installed it. What else would we need to do? Uh were gon na get to work with Arduino right. Okay, add some extensions, okay, so its up on the top left, the yep there. You go. Click that looks like we already got some of these installed, but if we just search Arduino, Arduino, okay, all right verified all right. I already do have it installed, youre right, but awesome same same deal just for clarification purposes. If youre just getting started with Arduino. I would highly recommend just using the Arduino IDE, either Arduino IDE 2.0 thats like the new and improved Arduino IDE or the old, the Legacy Arduino IDE. Maybe in another video we can talk about why you might want to use vs code. You know well, hey Josh. Thanks for helping me set up vs code to work with Arduino on my PC man, I appreciate it. The next video that you should watch is the Arduino in 90 minutes Master Class, its going to walk you through programming Arduino from the bottom up its going to give you a huge Head Start.

You can just its right here, yeah right there, you dont have to do the drag thing. Do you know that? No, I dont know how to do that. Okay, okay, so go ahead and make it smaller again Im going to show you like the most amazing trick in the world. Okay, there you go now hold command option and click.