So today, in this video, we are going to make a really really interesting project, which is a project in which the buzzer speaks our national anthem, so its very nice. So the components we need for this are breadboard arduino, two jumper cables, one buzzer and arduino programming, cable, okay, so lets start building the circuit now take a buzzer and put it on the breadboard. It wont fix in this server in vertical or horizontal. You need to put it in a cross like this, as i open and now take a jumper wire and i am connecting it or the positive of the buzzer and live like and leave one box on the breadboard and connect the negative uh green wire or black Wire next to it, let like this see now its arduino uno and connect the um red wire to pin number 11. 11 of the arduino board and the green pin to the ground of the arduino board. I have already uploaded the code in the arduino, so i will show you a sample and i will show also the code and the i will upload the code in github. So you can click on the below link and see the code see our circuit diagram is ready, so now lets program. It lets show it to you. I have already programmed. I will show. I will show you the code at last. Okay, so as it is nice stuff, its not working, the power supply is not working.

Let me check it. Oh sorry, we dont have to connect it onto my alarm. So lets start, as you have seen the sample so now lets uh begin. Let begin to our code so lets show. Let me show you the cool, so lets see the code here is our code. Int speakerpin is equal to science. That means we have to connect the pin to number seven into length uh. This is a number of nodes which is one for nine nodes chair nodes. These are all our nodes which places and the space rest represents a rest see these are our nodes. Okay, and these are the beats. This is our tempo and this is to start the tone in duration and speaker on speaker off, which is high and low. This is the nodes and for what time they need to be high and they need to be low, see these are the nodes see. These are plane. This will be playing. I will give you the code in the description, so you can see it. So, thanks for watching bye, bye like subscribe, like the video subscribe to the channel and share the video. Thank you so much. Please share it because its of our country and we respect our country.