I got a little thing called an arduino Music ide program and i can code my code that i want to do. This is for the lcd display. This is what triggers my triggers my uh Music, beeper, Music and right here. You got a little calculation centimeters equals time. It turns it into feet. What it does, then my print feet: Music cursor. If its 150 centimeters 220 youre gon na beat this much its 120 to 90 youre going to beat this much if its 90 to 60 youre going to beat that much 60 to 31 beep that much and then, if its 30 to zero its gon na beep And then its also gon na print on the lcd, stop, stop and just loops, and does that over and over again and thats my arduino coding program, so my microprocessors are right here. This is my board that i use to do prototypes. This is a whats called a mega board because its got a lot of pins. I can put things into this: one is a arduino uno, its got some pins, but this ones got wi fi and its got nine volt jack and power jack. And then i got an extra board in case i want to do some stuff, but all those pins or four of these wires down here all these wires i plug in and use resistors and leds leds and transistors, and hook that up with power supply units. These are little power supply units.

These are cool. You plug this into the board and you can uh plug in a nine volt battery, because i got these little adapter things right here. These are nine volt battery adapters, plug it in turn it on and if youre not powering something you can power. Whatever is plugged into this usb port Music. You can also have these are power. I converters figured out how to use them yet then you got your displays and sound equipment see displays and sound equipment. I got i got some some of those. I got one of these, a buzzer lcd screen another lcd screen. This is a big lcd screen. Its four lines by 20 characters some miniature speakers, more speakers, more speakers, a bunch of buzzers. Then i got wires in case. I want to plug wires into here and make it easier instead of using those other wires. You use it for when i want to make something permanent. I can solder these into the circuit boards, which are right here so the boards they just go inside these little slots like this and you just solder them and you can create stuff thats all that, and then you got your brains over here. These are all the microprocessors. This is called an expansion shield. This basically plugs into one of these arduinos and adds all these holes that you can plug in and do stuff with. You can solder things and plug things into it and make some kind of weird little project.

However, you want to do it, then you got ta. Those are microprocessors, big ones. This is a small one. This is called an arduino nano. These are used for like drones and stuff. If you need to control your flight capabilities and things like that, stabilization, uh, heres, another another nano. I got a microprocessor, two megapixel cameras. I got camera adapter, so you can plug in a micro usb to it. So this plugs in just plugs right on top of that sd card slots. If i want to make a project – and i need an sd card – just wire one of these up – another microprocessor, another camera unit, a bunch more uh, sd cards Music. This is my motor division. These are motors wheels motors motors. These are drivers, so the arduino will send in a five volt signal telling the motor on this side or the motor on this side to do something. Music – and i got what the hell is – this Music stepper motor and i got a little fan motor to play with, and i got big motors in those boxes – big players. This is my sensor drawer. These are uh motion, detector, sensors, the the basically a miniature version of this thats, a motion center Music uh, one more thing: ultrasonic sensors: these send out a signal on one and receive it on the other. You can use it for determining distances or if something breaks, contact like crosses into a room or something.

This is a sound sensor. If anything makes a sound, it detects it. A butt load of these ultrasonic synthesis im gon na make a home alarm system, eventually Music, and if you make a home launch system, you got ta have keypads, so i got a bunch of keypads. I bought these like a dollar apiece, so i bought like a pack of 10 for like 10 bucks and then my first original kit came with remote control and an ultra red sensor. So if i want to, i can make a project and i can use a remote control. Just like a tv, it also came with one joystick im gon na buy a bunch more of these. These are basically playstation joysticks, because you can still push you can push down. Click click and move im gon na use those when i build drones – and this is an rfid kit, if you want to get into radio frequency id like uh id tags, theres a card and theres that card in there theres a card and a keychain thing, you Can touch up to a sensor and it will let you in a door or not.