So today i basically want to talk about mining. Is the microcontroller its confusing, but the best thing about this is that its sort of cheaper we can actually create um a microcontroller mining rig. I actually have four microcontrollers that are underway uh. The gpu has just arrived ill actually be doing a video separate video on that. To basically show you the whole setup of it is a very, very long, complicated process. We have a solar panel set up, we have a cooling system, uh setup, and then we also have the setting up of the gpu and installing the gpu choosing the algorithm choosing the coin and im actually creating the the batch file for the mining pool. So its sort of what im about to clear right now is mining using a microcontroller right, because that one is mining using a gpu. This is mining using a microcontroller, its not really confusing, but its just the same thing as using a gpu but youre using a different algorithm youre using a different coding system. Microcontrollers are used to input code right, the the microcontrollers like arduino arduino microcontrollers. You can use raspberry pi microcontrollers or you can use esp microphone controllers, but i think my esp microcontrollers are even cheaper, but if theyre more cheaper, they probably have less mining uh processing power that could. That means that they wont mind a lot of cryptocurrency for you. But i doing a raspberry pi they can be, they can get the job done easily.

Considering that you actually set up, maybe a mining, a microcontroller mining rig with at least four microcontrollers like im, actually going to be doing so. Microcontrollers are not that expensive, um raspberry pi one raspberry pi microcontroller youre not going to get that in in person theyre very, very expensive here, but if you get it online, you can actually get one um raspberry pi for 500 500 um shipping will probably be around That much to say it doesnt just get a microcontroller right, but arduino microcontrollers are also very very affordable. So if you buy a micro controller uno um that can cost you around 100 bucks, including shipping. But i bought four and i also have an atini microcontroller, which is an arduino or companion, so those are also going to be used to mine cryptocurrencies and my number one advice will always be mine. Very very cheap altcoins with these particular microcontrollers, do not mind bitcoin with microcontrollers. Do not mine bitcoin with your inexpensive gps, because its not worth it because bitcoin is already expensive. You will not be able to mine it because there isnt much bitcoin out there, because everyone has bought it, but if you mind very, very affordable all coins, it means one thing: if the altcoin is very very cheap, the volume is massive. You can actually mine a lot and it it. This is a concept of storing value right. You store value, you keep it and um weve.

Seen a lot of people become very, very rich in the last year, so explain that during coverage kobe has created a lot of millennials um. If you want to go and check out um the link to the article, i wrote called covet 19. The millionaire makers also attached this video uh gave it to give it a try. So yeah mining with microcontrollers requires you to have an arduino ide right. Arduino id is basically the coding compiler for arduino. The code for mining is pretty much uh simple, in the sense that its already there, you dont need to code it for yourself its a copy and paste code, but just make sure that you have an ide for me. I have all the versions. I think i have all three versions of arduino ide copy and paste it into the compiler and run when you run it. You actually have to actually now go to the uh avr miner, which is the only miner that mines cryptocurrency with microcontrollers um, its a pretty pretty cool uh technology mining is, is one of those things which you can be flexible with, and the thing about manufacturing controllers Is that you can always have a separate uh power source right for me? I think that what im going to be using to power these microcontrollers has to be the solar right, because solar light is, i mean its not a lot of power. You cannot power your gpu with solar unless, if its very, very powerful solar, but if youre using um, very, very small partners like im using 22 solar panels um and each kind of gives a voltage of 5 volts.

So this would be good for your microcontrollers, because microcontrollers in general, i dont require a lot of power right, but they do have a good processing uh system, which can actually generate a lot of cryptocurrencies and the coin theyre going to be using to mine with your Microcontroller is, do you know right? Greener coin is one of those points which allow for you to mine with microcontrollers, like i do in a raspberry, pi and esp so um, as you can see on this picture attached to this video right over here, i think um. This is one of the compilers for arduino ide. You can youre gon na need to download this and make sure that by the time your memory controller arrives. You mine with this particular ide over here, and the code um. Whenever youre ready, you can get it on. Google copy and paste it on the compiler and run it. You run it. You create an avr miner file so that you can actually connect your microcontroller and the arduino avr mining algorithm or the mining pool so yeah. Thank you guys for watching this video uh see you next time when i can do a video on the gpu mining which ill be mining sheba e with.