Lm35 sensor is a precision integrated circuit with an output voltage linearly proportional to the centigrade temperature. Its output voltage increase linearly 10 millivolt per degree celsius on the flat side of the sensor face to you, then the pin of the left is pcc. Pin the middle pin is output, pin and the right one is ground: lm35 accuracy, 0.5 degree celsius at 25 degree celsius, temperature range minus 55 degree celsius to 150 degree celsius. Now we make arduino alum 35. Thermometer here is a circuit schematic diagram. You need to follow. Lets set up the components: first, take a breadboard and arduino board. I use arduino uno. You can use any arduino board. Take a lm 35 sensor, arduino uno five board pin goes to plus and ground pin, goes to minus of the breadboard, lm35 bcc and ground pin goes to plus and minus of the breadboard respectively and output pin goes to a0 of the arduino. Now we test the lm35 sensor by displaying the temperature in the serial monitor, connect the arduino board to a computer or laptop by your usb cable, open, arduino ide, make sure your arduino board and port select properly in the tools menu hit the upload button. The code is successfully uploaded, then click the serial monitor, which location is upper corner of the right side. After that we get a new window that shows the failure of temperature in celsius and fahrenheit. Now we use a lcd display to show the temperature.

This is the p now diagram of the lcd 16 cross 2. Take a lcd 16 cross 2 here, bcc and ground go to plus and minus in the breadboard respectively. We use a tanker preset to adjust the contrast of the lcd display here, first and last. Pin go to plus and minus in the bed bar respectively and middle pin goes to contrast. Pin of the lcd here rs en d4, d5, d6 and d7 go to digital pin: 8 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the arduino board. Rw backlight minus go to minus and backlight plus go to plus in the breadboard. Our arduino lm35 project setup is complete. Now, its coding time connect the arduino board to your computer or laptop by usb cable, open arduino ide define the pin, which is connected to lm35 sensor, to write the arduino lcd display code. We start with including this library for lcd display now define the pins on the arduino, where we have connected the pins from 16 cross to lcd. We make a degree sign using custom character to be display the symbol on the lcd screen. This line are to create a custom degree sign now coming to the setup part we first initialize the 16 close to lcd and then start measuring the temperature data from the sensor. This will run only on either on startup or when arduino is reset. We assign a number one to create degree sign created above this text only shown on startup keep the word on the skin for 2 seconds clear, the skin for writing anything else being serial communication at bound rate of 9600.

Now we start a loop display, the incoming reading from the sensor to profile format, which will replace every one. Second, this function will keep on running analog grid will read the incoming data from the lm35 sensor now convert the reading into boldness. This formula convert the adc number 0 to 1023 to 0 to 5000 millivolt or 5 volt. This formula convert the voltage into the temperature in degree celsius. This formula converts the celsius temperature into the fahrenheit temperature. This code, we use to display the temperature in serial monitor and we use this code to display the temperature in lcd. First, we cleared the lcd display then set encourager on first character of the first line print. The word temperature on the display now set encourager on. First character on the second line, printing temperature c below we got from the sensor on the lcd, and this line show the temperature in in degree celsius write the custom character. We created this line, prints c now, setting charger on second first character. On second line. This line print temperature, f value, write the custom character. We created this line printf, we use delay one second to refresh the code. Every one second codelink provided in the description make sure your arduino board and port select properly in the tools menu hit the upload button. The code is successfully uploaded. Finally, our arduino lm35 thermometer project is completely ready. Now lets see how this arduino lm35 thermometer project performs.

Here we can see the temperature is reported in celsius and fahrenheit in the lcd display. We can adjust the contrast of the lcd display by rotating the preset now, thanks for watching and for more project like this visit, my official website arduinopoint.