Lets start in neutral about larry plus, i know plus lcd. Okay. This is the part number one. First, you need some hardware. Okay, that is okay, guys you, you need this hardware. This is this whole shield. Okay, i already created a video about intro uh this hardware and if you want to purchase and link in description, go and visit okay, and if you can or do this project help of arduino uno also i dont know you know you need to connection of lcd Uh search any circuit internet and do connections okay, but in this hardware not need to do any connection. Uh you see this pin is your uh lcd. You need directly insert on this slots. Okay, this is the very advantages of this hardware. Okay – and this is about this word – shield – okay, introduction about hardware. Okay, you can see about this. Video link in description go and visit. Okay, now lets start first uh open your arduino id okay, okay, this is the code and uh the link in description go and download. This uh call okay, now lets understand about this. Okay. First, you need to declare the liquid crystal. This is your lcd library? Okay. First, you need to delay here, okay and remember, this is the two methods: okay uh, for this is commanded right now, because, if you are using, i didnt know you know that time. You need to uh. Do this type of connections? Okay, if you are using this hardware, arduino nano that time you need to do this connection of your lcd and hardware.

Okay, because right now i am using arduino nano that time you see rs and this pin is uh declared side of lcd. Okay and right now, im using this uh as like a variable rs is connected to a4 a4. Is your pin number of your hardware that is arduino nano? Okay, if you are using arduino, you know that time, rs pin, you need to connect, pin number 13 of your hardware arduino. You know: okay, thats it okay! Now this is the connections. Okay, if you are using this hardware, no need to do any connection. If you are using arduino nano or separate any hardware that time you need to do, connections, okay and remember: dont mismatch any connections; otherwise your lcd is not working. Now. This is im, create a simple variable: string: p. Okay! Now this is the word setup. For first time, you need to declare okay pins, like lcd dot begin 16.2. This is the lcd parameter 16 by y2, okay and next one lcd dot, set cursor, zero, comma, zero and serial dot begin. This is the border of your arduino. You know nine six double zero and okay and the arduino nano also have a same motor at nine six double zero. Okay, and this is lcd clear in the starting when you upload this program. At that time, your lcd is totally clear. Okay, this is the word setup for first time declare now. The next time is word loop for continuity, operation.

Okay, word lock, and this is, if serial note, available. Okay, if serial note available. This is your like this user monitor. If this is available that time this this condition is execute. Okay, now, first im connect my hardware. Okay, now connected now come to tools and set uh board arduino nano im using this one and processor, you need to uh, select old boot loader like this okay, now click tool and select a port for com. Okay, now all done now what you do uh if still root available. Okay, when i click to serial, monitor now its open okay, this is okay. The next condition is character. Data data is our variable. Serial.Read means, if you are enter any here like if you enter anything here, that time is your store in the data. Okay, thats, why im uh enter here, serial.read and thats store in your data, but right now, im using the character means you need to enter any one character. Like p, ah, like a to z like this okay, the next condition i am entering p p is. I already declare string okay right now you can enter any message, string or sorry, p, equal to serial dot, read string, im, a degree here, read string and the upper side only declare serial note read: okay, why im using this two function because help of this character? Im clear the lcd okay lcd like if you are enter any uh any message in the lcd, and you need to clear that time.

You you need to use this condition: okay, thats, why im using this one? Okay and the second p – is equal to zero.read string. Now you can enter any string like command here like for the uh labview like this. This is your string, okay and that string, if you enter in the serial uh serial, monitor data store in p. Okay, now im click to enter. Okay. Now you see prdw sorry arwp labview, this value store in right now: p, okay and the next serial.printlp, okay, thats. Why you can uh you can able to see the message help of this help of this function? Serial.Printlp! If i remove this one like um command this one now youre not able to see the output in your cell monitor now what you do lets im click to upload. Okay, now uploading done uh, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Yes, uploading done now, click to see, monitor and right now enter a string like command reader like first i close this one again open yes, im entering pradeep right now, youre not able to see this message in your cell monitor like im click to enter, and you See there are no any messages? Okay, because you comment uh this parameter, or you can say this function, okay, thats. Why uh i remove this one at the same time, this message show in your lcd also okay, and this is delay for one second, and this is the condition for clear if data equal equals c, if you are entering any data and data in serial, monitor any Character in serial monitor, if thats character, equal equal c that time this condition, execute and lcd dot clear.

Your lcd is totally clear. Okay hold on now again upload this in our hardware. Okay, now you see, i connected the lcd in our hardware. Okay, like this. Okay, this is your live programming. Now lets start a cyber step. Okay, first, you need to create uh. You need to create a visa, open right click and come to uh instrument. Io visa and pin this one. Okay come to advance and you need to create uh. This visa open, like this uh open, yes, and you need to one close for end like this. Okay in the uh starting. You need to use the right. Why im using visa right for end of message? Okay, thats, why you need to uh uh, drag right, visa right and visa read for read the message: okay, all done! Yes, now close this one, okay and what you do create a while loop while loop like this, i already clicked like this. Okay, i think you already know right now, because i already created lots of project. Okay, now select control, space control. W and again you see right now, uh you focus on here visa resource, right click and create a control. This one see this is very important. Okay event, structure: now what you do come to structure and create a event structure like this? Okay, this is your event structure. Okay, now what you do, how you can apply, how you can use event structure? Okay, first, you need to create any switch right.

Now you see, i already created one switch, that is, send messages in lcd. Okay, you need to create a one switch or, we can say, drag like boolean or drag like button. Okay, like push button. Okay, now you see send message lcd. Okay, this is the text of your button. You see send message in lcd. Okay, now i am entering a name that is a switch okay like this. Okay, now lets um. Tell you about this. First right, click here and you see ha add event case click this one and you see how switch okay and click to okay. Okay, right now, you see the same as a switch value, change and same like send message in lcd. Okay, now what you do you need to drag your switch in this condition? Okay, this is your timeout right click and create a constant im entering a 100 millisecond uh 100 millisecond like this okay and uh. Why im entering 100 milliseconds? Okay, you can enter any value like im entering 1000 okay after one second, its. What we can say is come on time out. Okay, this condition is execute every one. Second, okay, thats, why? I meant here: 100, okay, after 100, millisecond its visit on this condition. Okay, if you enter minus one not able to enter in this condition, okay, thats time, uh its only wait if you are press any switch okay, but right now, i need to enter on uh on the timeout.

Okay, communicator serum monitor. Okay! Now this same okay! Now this function, you need to drag on this same as like this, you see i already declared the same things: okay, right, click and visible label. You see visa right. This is visa right wizard. This is usually same like this, and you see they have before right. Click and create a control. This is your enter lcd message: okay, okay and you need to read okay help of this. You need to enter a message in the sale, monitor and help of read. You can easy to read the output in this. You can easy to read output and, in the input have a byte. You need to create a control help of this. You can easy to create a byte okay. How much bite you need to read? Okay hold on okay! Everything is done now. The next one is what you need to enter in the timeout for communication. Now you need to enter like if someone is not press any switch like if someone is not pressed. This switch. Okay, send messages to lcd that time. If you are, if you are not enter any things in this, like im, delete this one and control b, this time, youre not able to communicate yourself monitor, okay, thats, why uh thats, why we need to uh enter the read for continued data? Okay, now everything is done and the main function is this one when you click to run this program? Okay, that time everything is coming default, condition: okay, okay, now i delete this function because, right now you know everything.

Now i delete this one. Yes, now what you do, how you can do this right, click here and come to uh application control, and you see how vi server reference create like this. Now, right click here come to application and you need to create invoke node like this, and you need to connect to this reference and click to method and lets come on the okay, okay, wait, wait default value and re initialize all to default like this. Okay, when you click to run that time, your every controller indicator come to default, condition. Okay, right now and delete this one. Okay, all done now! Press ctrl t! Yes all done now. What we do lets select a com, ill select, a com4 or refresh select com4. Okay, okay, now you see right now what you do you need to enter a byte right now. I meant here like uh, like im entering 20 okay and im, enter here, uh message for deep, okay and click to okay. Okay and you see in the lcd you see, status is pradeep; okay, its amazing, its perfectly communicate. Okay. Now you see pradeep, okay done right now what you do lets. I need to clear now what you do lets i remove the value and im need a capital c for clear and click to ok again, and you see you see, the message is clear: okay hold on and remember if you are need any uh message that time You need to give a space one space.

Then you need to enter a message like comment, a live view, labview, okay and click to ok and wait. A few second and you see live view, receive a message in labview as well as hardware. Right now lets appear. The message, capital c and click to ok. Now your lcd is clear, okay hold on, and please remember if you are need to clear that time, you not need to give a space. You need to enter a character c, okay, thats time easy to clear the lcd, but if you need to enter any string that time, you need to give a space like this and enter any value. Okay, if you are remove this space – okay right now, you see uh when i remove this uh space and im directly enter string like for deep okay and you see whats output. You see the pradeep is missing in the lcd. Now, click to okay – and you see, wait a few second and you see a rdwp okay, you miss p thats. Why? If you are need to enter any string, you need to give a space okay. Now i clear the string and enter a c for clear the message in lcd. You see okay done now. I again enter for deep uh, okay, well deep, okay, give uh! Like you see. I already gave up one space, okay and click to okay, and you see right now you able to see full message, but, okay, guys all done.

This is the part number one and thank you so much guys if you like this video, please like and subscribe our channel.