So lets get started. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically the tiny computers they can run. Simple software programs and theyre also very low powered enough that they can powered by batteries for days, but they are fast enough to process data and much faster than human being can think so. Arduino is a company in italy that designs and sells circuit boards that make microcontrollers easy to use. They called the circuit boards arduino and there are a lot different types of arduinos. For example, if you got simple arduino boards, arduino uno, which is very cheap enough and good for projects, you can use arduino to control motors lighting cameras or you can build a simple robot tray and then you have more other arduinos with powerful processors and ethernet connectivity. The company arduino open sources all of their hardware designs, which means you dont just have to buy from them, and there are also countless third party companies that makes their own variants, but cant call them arduinos, but functionally they are the same thing. There are also this thing called arduino shields, which are basically the circuit boards that plug into the main arduino circuit board, and let you to do more stuff, for example, adopt – would make shields that let you control motors and servos without designing the motor control, circuitry and Spark phone has shields that let your arduino to convert into simple cell phone or mp3 players; okay, so that was a quick overview about arduino, the company and the hardware.

But there is more, they created a software which works on windows, linux and mac, which makes you to upload a code as simple as connecting a cable to the arduino board. By clicking a button, they created a programming language that led you to configure all the arduino hardware projects in the same way, the arduino software is one of the easiest programming experiences we will ever have so lets have a look to the arduino board. Now, when people say in an arduino, then it basically they are talking about the arduino uno, because its simple one and a perfect one for the beginners. I have also made my first project by this one, okay, so the first thing is that to get familiar with it mostly some say that arduinos are microcontrollers, but this term is technically not correct. Arduino are the boards that have microcontrollers in it and also other stuffs. So lets take a look. This is the microcontroller arduino uno uses a series of microcontrollers called atmega abs and they are made by the company atmel connected to the microcontroller. Is the crystal resonate, this controls? How fast a microcontroller is running now in order to upload what you create to the main mic controller. There is another microcontroller in the board. These chips helps you to connect usb cable to the arduino board and communicate it via usb. It lets you to upload program to the main microcontroller and when the program is running, this allows you to send messages, and this chip is also important for debugging one great at you can power it through usb, cable or, if you dont, want that your project is Always connected to a computer, then you can also power it through nine volt external power source uno has a built in voltage regulator that allows the voltage to 5 volts, and if you ever want to rebuild your program, you can just simply press the reset button.

Now lets talk about the pin connectors here you will get your power pins, the 3.3 volt pin and the 5 volt pin and 2 ground pins, the tx and rx are for sending and receiving data. You can use them to send or receive data from a gps module or perma gsm module or from a bluetooth, module or form of wi fi models, and many more pin 2 to 13s are for digital input and outputs. Here we have also 6 analog pins in the board. Some pins here have some special symbols beside them. These indicate the pwm pins, the pulse width, modulation, output, okay, so enough about the hardware lets, get a look into the software which we will use to upload the programs to our arduino boards. So just simple thing is that go to the download page of arduino and download the software and install it and youre ready to go during installation. You can see various driver installation box, so just click them yes to everything, and once you are done, connect your arduino board to your pc using the cable and next start. The arduino ide, the software development environment, Music and after that you have to do, is to select the right board, as shown so go to the tools, boards and select the board you are using. So, after that, we will also have to be sure that the software communicates with the board properly. So for that thing you have to click in the tools boards and after that, select the ports.

So if you dont have anything like this listed here, then there is might be a problem with your drivers. For that solutions. You have to go to the device managers, select, the universal port and the com port and then click it and update the soft and update the drive and the problem will be solved. Music Music, as software also consists of various examples and studying. These is a nice approach. These are called the sketches so now lets see an example of how did this thing works. Lets start by a basic example of blinking an led light, so here what we will have to do is to write a simple program in the arduino ide. So in any projects writing a program, you have to define two main things: that is the void setup and the void loop. The void setups is basically defined as the pin modes and in what way the pins are connected and what will they functionally do and after that comes the void loop section, the void loop is the area where the program will run over and again and again as Long as it is power so now lets write the program Music, okay, so we have written our program and now its time to compile it Music and lets see. Yes, it has compiled and we are ready to go to upload it. The program is being uploading now and the program has been uploaded and now lets check Music yep.

So, as you were seeing that its working fine and you can also change the blinking speed of the led by changing the delay in the code Music, so lets take a look to the another example of server rotation. So these are the servo motors you can find Music, so lets get into the code section here. You have to define the various things that is the header file of the server and many more other stuffs. So lets write the code Music, Music, okay. So our code is completed and now its time to do compilation and after that you have to upload the code in the same way that you have seen in the previous example. So now see this way, your servo will work, and so this is why how arduino is programmed and also you can make simple robots with it.