This is the potentiometer. This is a 10k potentiometer. I want to interface that with not mcu board and see the result. The variation of a potentiometer value Music in the serial monitor of the arduino id for that potentiometer have three pins sender. Center pin is the data pin Music, it is the data. Pin second pin is a local, then uh other two pins. We can choose as one as a vcc and otherwise ground. We can choose any one as vcc and ground fix the center one. Is the data data line? This data line need to connect to the a0 unlock pin of the nodemcu, and one connection need to connect this one into pcc and blue color into ground in the case of node mcu, this last pin this one. It is the it is the a0 a0. This is the a0 blue color is the a0. Then this end shade. There is a ground and 3v3 3v3 means 3.3 volt. That is the vcc. This red color is the vcc and yellow color is the ground. I simply connected this: blue color is the analog a0. Lo is the alloys. The ground and red wire is the vcc. First of all, i want to connect this data data connection into blue color. Just to proceed, then i made connections. This is blue, color of a potentiometer is 2 vcc. Green color is to ground. Yellow color is to analog, is european, simply connect the usb cable into into system and then open the arduino ide.

This is the program with a small program to read the potentiometer reading into serial monitor symbol lines. Only its used pin mod a0 is taken as in input then serial monitor for taking the output. You can see this program. I am just going to upload this one. After uploading, it will show done uploading, then we can check the serial monitor here. Is the serial monitor icon? It shows the values. These are the 261 264. These are the serial monitor values. That is the values from the potentiometer. We can vary this by rotating the potentiometer. When i rotate this potentiometer, i will get the varying values in the seed element it shows. Since i am using potentiometer of 1k, it shows Music minimum of 21 and a maximum of 1024. This is the maximum range for uh 1k resistance potentiometer. By choosing serial plotter. I will get the plot of the vedic variation in potentiometer by rotating the potentiometer arm. The variation for the corresponding time will be plotted in the serial monitor as a very potentiometer.