I have many sensors attached to my body. Do you know how to get me? First. Take google search excel move dynamics visit on first site that visible on search list. Then our site will open then scroll down to our product list tap on view more product. Then we can saw our arduino prime robot click on it then tap on buy now option. Then our checkout page will open. Now you can share your shipping details there, Music. After finishing the details press on place order. Now your order get placed thanks for booking now, arduino prime will reach on your doorstep: Music ultrasonic sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, is used to measure distance in front of the robot oled display. These displays can be programmed to show anything you like Music motor four motors for making the robot mobile motor driver. You will get the motor driver, which is custom made for plug and play experience of the kit. This motor driver can control four motors black insulation tape for making lines for the line following sensor. Music battery monitor to monitor the charge of the battery battery box with switch, which will have two 18 650 rechargeable battery, which is the power source of the robot. Batteries. Are not provided with the kit Music battery charger. A battery charger is provided to charge the battery arduino uno, which is the development board that this robot uses. This is like a small computer that can be programmed to do different tasks Music.

This is an arduino hat made by excel move dynamics that makes it easy to connect other sensors and devices to arduino. The speciality of this hat is that the sensors attaching to it can only be attached the correct way and it will give a very good plug and play experience above. The hat you will see plug and play attachments to attach all the sensors and devices included in the kit. Additionally, there is buzzer light sensors potentiometer ir receiver to take input from a remote control, Music, jst cables for attaching sensors and devices to the prime hat. One way plug and play connection Music servo motor to make something move in a precise way. Here we are using to move the head in the direction that we program Music, nut and bolt to make the body of the robot remote control. You will also get a remote control with the robot to control various things in the robot bluetooth device. A bluetooth device is provided that will make the robot connect to the mobile or tablet so that you can control it with the app programming cable used to upload program into the arduino Music line following sensor. Custom made line following sensor with one time calibration only with highly accurate line, detection and edge detection wheels wheels for attaching to the motor so that the robot can move Music.