So here i have like an arduino uno and then you know some electronic components: um potentiometer hooked up to an lcd screen, um just a speaker, a buzzer, whatever you want to call it and theres a joystick for controlling the game uh. So when you turn it on uh, you see the lcd screen here right and lets reset it. I dont know what the heck happens and wait for it to initialize, and here we are so on the top row. You see five dashes and then an asterisk. Each of these dashes represent one character of your guess and in wordle you get six guesses, so you see at the start of the game. The sixth in the upper right hand, corner indicates how many guesses you have left before you win or lose the game and on the bottom. Is your current progress with the word uh, so lets try something out right. Um. There is a very popular video saying the most optimal opening word is crane, so lets try and put in crane, and you can see like the character selection each time i click on one of these dashes um the joystick clicking on it im able to enter this Character selection screen and select the character for my guess and im able to go back and forth and like change the characters. If i want to say i want to read selection for this one, i can very easily do that and when im ready to submit my guess, i can press on this asterisk up the button when hovering over the asterisk, and you can see that there are no Letters in the correct position: if there were letters in the correct position, it would show up, on the bottom left hand dashes uh.

Instead, the letters r, a and e are in the word um some are in the word, but in the wrong position. So lets take that information and lets come up with a different word, so that was crane. Um lets try something like um uh lets, try something like horns and it takes a while to select the word thats, just the nature of it. Uh. The lcd screen has two rows and each of those rows has room for 16 characters, so its a limitation of the hardware i have, and we can see that the characters wa was in the right spot and the character r was in the wrong spot. So now ill just go ahead and enter in the correct word, which i know is water, so just got ta get there and yeah its probably a better way of doing this. But – and you can see, we won the game and guessed the road uh correctly, and you know i i didnt put an o in word for the sega symmetry. It looks really nice uh so now ill reset the game. By hitting this and a little bit more about how the game works behind the hood, so there is a pool of 10 words and each time the game starts. A word is randomly generated and used for the current round. So now lets try again lets input screen. The optimal opener is it the optimal opener. I dont think it is but its okay and we can see that uh, the a and e are there and theres no crn, and now just for the sake of demonstration im going to get the word wrong so ill.

Just enter in some things and the way its set up is that you can have blank guesses too. You dont have to enter in a word uh fully. It just wont count and you can see thats um its able to detect winner a loser, and then it tells me that the word was stale. Okay, so lets try one last time and lets do this like completely unironically, i dont know the word so lets play around legitimately. My opener is usually crane, glyph and then joust. So lets do that. Okay, so it ends with an n and an e and theres. No cra, so i think, were good to go for like some consonants, so lets go for the word cliff, oh and uh. The way this characters selection menu works just to get a bit more um background behind it, see how i like the joystick right and each time you go to direction. You can like hold it right. Uh, the next character wont register until you get back into the center like a neutral position and then go again. So lets do that and then lets go to p and lets go to the h okay. So there is an h and a p and then n e so were pretty much there. So now im looking at it and i think its pretty obvious thats um.