Those will be up here in a chemical module and im just testing for my control panel to make sure that they ignite through the hundred meters of cable, ready full of knife. For some time, yep and so its time to launch launch button Music, i can i can operate all three chambers together or i can um isolate a chamber. I might want to test one with this new fuel im working on this is made from paraffin wax and abs pellets all right, so these valves should have been preheated now well see now the 40 something this is all working. Fine first thing ill do is check that my pressures are all correct and then ill open up the throttle. Further, the initial stage will be something like that yeah. I know its burning switch it up. I mean what happens to the thrust is as the reservoir tank starts getting depleted and your thrust starts to turn off and what sort of thrust are you expecting angles and internals are all built to that same one that ive got chopped diamonds out of ive. Now got a more superior film and im thinking ill, get about 120 kg plus Music thrust out of each chamber, theres a big variable, because i really dont know its got. New fuel weve got better control over the nitrous oxide. I can put more nitrous oxide in previously weve seen the cylinder melt down and things like this. So all of those issues have been addressed ill swap to stainless steel right and thats over a thousand degrees im, not using the radio link.

Yet im going to establish that i get it all working on this system that looks great its working well good, its actually going 100 meters through this coil and back so its the thats, the important thing and thats just a safety yeah distance. In case it blows up. Obviously yeah, are you being helpful otto right cool five, four three, two to me to you, radio were going to do a countdown and hopefully this time were going to get it on the go and its going to four bang.