All the projects that I have shown in this video. You can see all the projects one by one. By visiting my channel. All projects, wireless means we can run all without wire. So lets see all the projects one by one. The project you are viewing is an antitouch door bell.. Nowadays it is necessary to install a doorbell at all., so heres a receiver and a transmitter. Here we have installed two IR sensor and IR LED With the help of these. The sound will be received from here to here.. You see its working nicely So on this doorbell. Apart from this signal, you can apply any sound according to you.. This is how you can make an anti touch door. Lock, you see thats how it works. So, with this small circuit, you are seeing. I have attached this coil Through this. There will be wireless Lee power transfer, So here we will adjust the variable resistance that you are seeing after that. Through this, we can easily charge the mobile, which will be wirelessly charged. You. This is a very good gadget now lets test it and show it. So now lets test. So you see whenever i put this mobile on it, it is charging now. Let me its once again, So you see it is charging very well In this way we can easily charge the mobile by making a wireless charger.. If you want to make this project, then you can make it by watching my full video.

Now well set it on our hands, fit it snugly. On your hand, We will tie it tight on our hand. If it moves, then the mouse will also take it. and after wearing it, we can click it like this. You can use it very easily. We will move our hand and click on these buttons now lets test it. So here you can see that I have put four crackers and will light them with my hands. here you can see. I have put the circuit on my hand, and there is the ir led, Whichever cracker we put our hand on and open it. The sensor will sense, this IR bLED and one by one. I have put ir receiver on all The crackers on whose sensor the light of IR sender will fall. Then the same crackers will burst. So lets test you now So now you have seen that the first firecracker has been lit. Now we will burn the second one.. It takes some time while it burn. Now I am going to burn the 3rd one. Now it is activeted and its ready for brust. It takes a while to burn. Now I am trying to burn the third one, but it is not burning. Maybe there is some problem in the wire.. Now I am going to burn the 4th one. So the 4th one is also not happening. I will fix it again and show you So now I have repaired it again and now I will show you these two by brusting them.

. So first we are going to burn the 4th number now its done Now. You can see here, I have put a speaker if you want, you can also put a mike. Speaker covers more surface, so I put sticker here. Maximum sound is received through this. A speaker is a type of mic and a mic is a type of speaker. Here. I have put a microcontroller which will control H, 212 E, and here we put H 212 D and will incode here and decode here So input this and send it here and will decode here. This means that whatever command is received after decoding it, the same LED will glow. Here. If we knock once, then this LED will glow, and if we knock twice on it, then second led will glow this way. We have coded so lets turn it on its on now. If we knock once there will be a number led glow. If we knock 3 times, then the number three LED will glow.. If we knock 2 times, then the number three LED will glow.. If i knock 5 times it will all stop. So this is a great project. You can use it by putting coding on it. According to your own., If you like, the video then do like it and share it with your friends Thats it for today.