Dear friends, today in this video, i am going to show you how you can control any ac electrical appliances like light fan, etc. Using your smartphone, the speciality of this project is that you dont need any arduino for this project. Generally, this type of home automation, projects, work with arduino or any other mcu, but it is a unique idea to make a home automation system easily. Here we are using dtmf sound from smartphones. You may notice, when we dial a number on any phone, we can hear some sounds. It is the dtmf Music. Here we are sending this sound signal as audio via a bluetooth audio module. We are using a dtmf decoder board. This ttmf decoder port can detect, which number you are pressing on your smartphone and turned on and off the relay module. If you want to know more details about its working, you can check a link in the video description. Music connect all components according to the circuit diagram. Here is the circuit diagram. Now all components are connected. I am using 5 volt dc using ac2 dc power, adapter Music turn on your smartphone bluetooth and connect with bluetooth audio receiver module for the first time you need to pair it with the audio module download any dtmf generator app on your smartphone. It is available at the play store, keep your mobile audio volume high. I am pressing 3 for turn on and 6 for turn off. You can hear sound from the relay module.

Dtmf modules led also indicating now i will connect the ac main line. Music dont touch the circuit. When ac is connected. Music you can see, the ac bulb is turning on and off. You can turn on and off up to four ac appliances using this method, but you need a fortunate relay module.