Otherwise its counting will not start. Let me try it and show you One end of this: fiber cable will be attached to the sender and one end will be attached to the receiver.. Now we turn it on So now see whenever we put this fiber cable on it and click on it. Only then it will show counting 1 2, 3 4, But whenever we remove this fiber cable and click on it, it will not count.. So you have seen that the counting is showing on it, but it is not showing on it. And whenever we click on that button. By connecting this fiber cable, then it will count.. So you see both are 7. 8. 9. 0. So whenever we click by bringing the fiber cable in front of it, it will be counting.. Now we are showing you again by removing this fiber cable. In this way we can make receiver and sender from this fiber cable. We have fitted all the components inside this pipe. Now we will test it and for this we need a separate amplifier. Otherwise, its monsoon will be very short, So the jack of the amplifier well plug it in here and then well do a sound test. firsts of we need to on it. We attached a switch on it with the help of this switch. We will play it. You can play it like this and you can play it with headphones too. So now you can see theres a TV and a monitor input is coming on both Whenever you power on both of us.

We will see that input is coming on both. with the help of the arduino. It will be run So see. The same picture is showing on both The picture which we have given on. The arduino is the same picture being displayed here. On this. I have output. Both ABBB and BGA so now were gon na set it up here will set it nicely on your hand and after wearing, we can click on it easily. In this way, We can also click by moving the hand in this way now lets test it. So look Ive got the USB on it. Now were going to put the programming on it. The programming you put on. It will be shown on this display and on that display., Because it will be data transfer because of IR receiver and IR sender. First. Well, put it graphically putting in a programming on it and its just uploaded In this way it is connected one to one. If you bring something in front of it, it will disconnect So easily. We can do this programming like this. If I put another programming on here like that, they will also show on here. now I am uploading it So see now. This is the second uploading and showing the second display Doing this show just like I programmed thats how easy it works. So in this way we can make it through two arduino. Now we will upload the programming by using what the computer jack on the auduino And to upload programming we have to click on.

You can see. Program is uploading. Whenever programming is uploaded, then on this TV we can see the output, it will give signal whenever it is uploaded. You can see that the upload has also been done, and the picture has also appeared on the TV., its working great. If you like, the video, then do like it and share it with your friends Thats it for today.