Adrenal add on, so we need to have the account. So we have to download the networks package, that is, the matlab supports package for arduino and a simulink support package for arduino. So we can use the adrenal as the interface. So its depending on the version you install the the license you have um, so i have the old version so and installing a new maybe accept so i have installed it on october. 20. D21. So lets check if i can update the software so now that show the third party software that weve installed it for this version. It has library the view libraries version simulink package support, so it will download the software. So so we expect to download of this package and then install the support package. It will install the third body package and then configuring your installation to the existing matlab platform Music. So when i click the simulink installation package is allow me to download this one. Maybe the same as you click from the arduino support package, because you can choose um what you want to download anyway, Music with iot, we have the larger raspberry pi support from matlab or simulink bigger bone back support Music. Maybe we can use this one later on Music, so the installation complete your hardware support package require configuration. You can choose to complete the configuration step or do them later. Maybe we can plot the arduino, so we have to have an arduino connect to the pc and you connect it and set up now it normally auto detects, but we have to connect to the usb that various type of arduino we can use.

Maybe we can pluck it already pluck it its set up now so update version, and anyway we can update our matlab version as well. Support package license, so lets look the same version that we have. Maybe i just click next the downloading support package. So i think we should install the support package from arduino, but if we only click the simulink package, so its maybe install or little few package, that is for the simulink only. That is also a resource that we can read from connected io and the example project. Like when we want to start the arduino, we can use the matlab coding or using simulink for connect the arduino for the matlab. We have the video, so then we can set up the i o connection. Then we have to know the port of the arduino. First, you can find it from the device which we have to go to the device manager and see what is orbital connect to arduino. It has properties for the simple digital and analog inputs from the physical world. Yes, we have to have the arduino connected to the computer like this. One is com, part column number four, so here when we use the coded, we can check on the health example from the arduino support. But i search i do not support package, so we will see arduino matlab support package for arduino. Then we click in and then we can get started that the way that we can connect to adrenal hardware like we can auto, detect the arduino or we.

If we already know we can set the arduino type and comport communication. Well, we can find the adrenal number port number of your adrenal hardware, that is getting start after we set up. We can read and write data then, before we read the right digital input and output, we have to set and config pin. First, we do have to set pin mode like this one like we have the pin mode config a is: pin Music, you have to config by each line a pin, mod is config a and pin we do have to set the pin first like pin normally one And two is fixed for t zero communication, so we do have to set like d2 from this d2 pin mode config a pin d pin d2. What we have to set like this config pin a as the pull up pull down like this one pull up and pull down, we can unset it change. Another way is that when you connect the computer and already set up, you can go to the hardware setup automatically after the setup connect to the arduino board automatically well, detecting the board. Do the same thing so process to the test test connection the build application. So we allow the flock the firewall not to block the communication, so this download could be fair due to we already set up with the matlab before using this tool.