I am going to show you how to install Arduino on the Windows operating system and then also, I am going to show you how to write a simple you know, Arduino program and how to run that on our Arduino. So, Im going to show you the hardware, your connection with your laptop and how to run a simple Arduino program. Okay, on that you know Hardware, so you know stay tuned, watch the video till the end. If you like this video, then please subscribe our channel. That will really, you know, help me to make more such videos. So please do subscribe and also you know, watch the video till then so that you can. You know clear all your doubts regarding Arduino and even after that, if you face any issues, please do comment in your comment sections. I am always there to help you, okay, so with that being said, lets you know dive in into our video. So for that first, you need to go to your favorite browser and in the address bar, you need to just simply search with Arduino and Arduino download and just simply hit enter, and you will get you know www.aduino.cc as our first test result. So here you need to just simply click on Arduino IDE, and this is going to redirect you to the official site of you know Arduino. So here I can accept these cookies and all and you need to just simply scroll down, and you can see that our Arduino IDE 2.

0.3 is our latest version. Okay, so here under download option, we have this. You know operating system listed so for Windows. You need to install this. You know of Im going to show you what you need to. You know, click on what link. So, if you are using Linux, then you need to proceed with this link for macquest. You need to proceed with this link and for Windows. So see we have this menu option if you are using Windows 10 and above so, you need to click on this link or if you are using any other, you know older version. It can. You know click on this MSI installer MSI means Microsoft, installer, okay, so you can just simply download these. You know Windows 10 and newer, because I am using Windows 10. So you can, just you know, simply click on this link, and this is going to show you this page. So you can you know if you wish, if you can always, you know, support Arduino because they are doing a great job. If you wish, you can always support them, so you need to click on, contribute and download, or else if you just simply want to download the software, just simply click on just download and it will going to start downloading our Arduino you can see it has rightly Started right so, since I have already downloaded it, I just simply cancel it and Ill, just simply minimize my browser, and if I go to my download directory, you can see that our Arduino ID 2.

0.3 is already downloaded over here right. So you can see the file size, which is just 160 MB. Okay, so to you know, install just simply double click on the installer and you can see that our Arduino ID setup license agreement is rightly shown over here. You can always read this and click on. I agree – and here you need to you know, choose these all users. So basically, whoever is using this computer. Can you know use so no big deal just simply choose all users and click on next, and it will going to ask you for administrative privileges. Just simply click on yes, and it will again going to show you the license agreement. Click on I agree. This is where our you know. Arduino is going to be installed, that is C program files, Arduino IDE, which is again totally fine. But if you, you know still wish to change the installation destination, you need to just simply click on browse, and you can you know change as for your wish. Okay, but Ill keep this default Ill, just simply click on install and it is going to start installing. Our Arduino IDE so lets minimize our download directory and you know, wait for you know our Arduino getting installed on our system so once it get installed Ill again, come back to this video yeah. So welcome back and now you can clearly see that our Arduino is rightly installed and also you know, run Arduino.

Ide option is also checked, so you can just simply click on finish, and so, as you can see that our Arduino ID is rightly launched and our you know, firewall is asking whether wed like to give allow access. So Arduino is totally fine. Just simply click on allow access, and you can see that our Arduino IDE is rightly launched. So you can maximize it and you can see that it is again asking for you know some Lo axis so just simply give allo access to. You know Windows Firewall and there you go, you can see our Arduino is slightly launched and this is you know they have started to. You Know download the package. So you know all is good. Lets wait for some time to. You know install all these packages and uh during that time. It will ask you for administrative privileges, just simply click on yes, so that you know it can finish. You know configuring all those things, so you can just simply click on install over here and again, install that USB driver and all so that everything get installed, and we can simply, you know, use our Hardware. You know with this Arduino if it again pops up, for you know administrative privileges, just simply click on yes, and you can see it is currently installing all the drivers. You know ethernet USB and all other. You know necessary drivers, so you know give some time. So you know pretty much everything is installed now you can just simply go to file and go to example and lets.

You know, go to basic blink application. Okay, so just simply click on that blink. It will going to open another instance of your Arduino IDE, where you know our blink code will be there, so you can just simply scroll down and there you go. This is a simple. You know blinking application code set okay, so you know for every delay of 100 uh. Sorry thousand millisecond, you know in our Arduino LED that led going to, you know, be high, that is it going to Blink and then again for the next second, its going to be turned off and again the following. Second, its going to be turned on. Okay, see basically going to Blink yeah, so we are putting that in the loop, so its going to start blinking when it gets high and when it gets low it is going to. You know, stop okay, so lets connect our Arduino. So I have, you know, successfully connected it and after that you know all you need to do. Is you need to just you know, simply click on compile and it is showing a compilation error. So you need to choose the board, so you know get go to board and you know choose Arduino Uno. That is what I am using, so you can again click on compile and this time you can see it is compiling our sketch. So our compilation is successful. You can see with no errors, we can upload our program, so click on upload and, as you can see after you know, successfully uploading your code in our Arduino Uno.

The LED has started blinking right in every one. Second, so in this way you can easily install the latest version of Arduino 2.0.3 on a Windows operating system, so that is basically all about this video. Thank you very much for watching this.