If you didnt yet subscribe, please subscribe to our channel to get the latest videos in this video. This programmer has made a custom character using arduino and 16×2 lcd using a website called custom, glyph generator that website, as the name implies and well see this website later on later videos. This website can generate custom, shapes and animations on your lcd, whatever lcd size. Here we are using 16 by two lcd and we can use other lcds, but this is an easy lcd we can use, and that is a simple project you can make in very easy and small steps and ill show you the circuit right now. Here is the circuit, as we can see its about arduino uno connected to 16 by two lcd. As we all know, we connect this arduino board to this lcd module using four pins of data and using other control pins like the enable pin and read write nrs. All those connections and vss and, of course the contrast and Music the power and the ground here – is a potentiometer in the circuit. But the user has chosen to connect a fixed resistor because he doesnt have a potentiometer to connect to his breadboard and thats. A reset button that can reset the whole circuit – in fact i dont know why didnt he just use the reset button in arduino board anyway, thats a nice program – and here is the code. You can just download the code from this website from arduino hub website.

I leave the link to this nice project in the video description, and here are the image code, the code for custom image. You can see that its an image of a cute dog on the lcd ill. Just tell you something that im going to try this nice project on tinkercad and see how it works and ill also try on a physical circuit Music in later videos. So if you like this video, please click like share and subscribe.