How to Download and Install Python 3.7.4 on Windows 10, 8, 7

Seven point: four: on Windows: 10: in case: if you have Windows: 7, 8 8.1. You will be able to install this Python. 3. Point. 7. Point. 4. If you get any error installing Python. 3. Point. 7. Point 4: on windows: 7: please! Google, it okay! So this is Microsoft: Windows, 10, I’m cookie going to check the system type. So right click on this start button here and go to system and on this window you can see it says, system type. So this is 64 bit based on 64 bit processor. So we’ll go ahead and install 64 bit five and three point seven point: four. So to download Python three point, seven point: four or the latest version of Python: it simply go to 500 orj hit enter on your preferred browser I’m using Microsoft, edge insider and then go to downloads button. Ok, this takes you to Python lot, o RG downloads. You can put your cursor and download it from here as well, or you can click this Python download Python. 3 point 7 yellow button, which is a download button. If you just click on this you’ll get more options here, you can see if you’re looking for any specific version of Python. Like three point, seven or four three point: four points: 9. 3.5. 3.6. You can download it from here as well, but in this video I’m going to download the most latest release, which is three point, seven point: four, you can simply click on the download button.

If you want to read release note generally, people do you could go ahead and right click on it and open it in a new window. So there are a few changes in this release: security core and will chain improve the core power set of gate, pass air handler. You do eight and sixteen there are few library added to the three point: seven point four, which you can read: support for mysqli. Three point: two point: eight on Windows system, executable path, also improved for Microsoft Windows. These are the security candidate that you can see and again, these are few more fixes, few libraries that you can go over if you wish to so. These are basically changes in Python. Three point: seven point: four: there are improvement to idle as well fight an idle for Mac OS as well tools and demos. Ok, so there are a few script ticking errors that have been fixed here; ok, so that the better basically means a changes. In 530 point seven: five: four: you can go ahead and read this documentation. Okay, by clicking on this release, release Mohawks to download it. You simply click on download – and this takes you to different page here and just scroll down here. You can read this for Microsoft, Windows, Mac users, ok, for more information, otherwise just scroll down and look for 64 bit download button here for Microsoft Windows. Ok, if you need 32 bit for Microsoft Windows, you can click this or windows x86 web based, installer, all executable or zip file.

Okay for 64 bit. We will need one of these ok, so Windows. This is embeddable zip file. If you need to port to other system download it on this computer and take you to the different one, you can now know that zip 1. Ok, we will go ahead and download the executable or the web based for the same system. Ok, so for this video I’m going to use web based executable, what is kind of you download everything, and then you can hit the install button web based installer downloads a little bit and then connect when you click install. It connects to the nearest Python download mirror, which is kind of a web server and downloads from there. Ok, so we are going to download this web based installer, which is kind of faster than the executable one and once it’s downloaded, which is three 17.4 click on open file. And if you get something like this, which says: ok, I’m still waiting for it. So this is Microsoft, Windows, 10 security which may be on Windows 8.1 of 7 as well. So I figured something like this simply click on install anyway, and here you want to make sure ensure that you check this box. They add python 3.75. Do not forget it. Otherwise, you would not be able to execute it from the command prompt here. Ok, so, okay, if you wish to customize it, you can go ahead and do that but I’m not going to customize it.

Okay, make sure you check this box. Add Python 3.72 path. Okay system path and then hit install now you will get another window see yes now you can see it’s installed downloading. Basically installing 64 bit of Python. Three point, seven point four and it shouldn’t take long time. It should be up in a moment. Okay, so in case, if you’ve got any previous version of Python, what you cookie need to do go to control panel and uninstall. The old version of Python then installed three point, seven point four or any latest whatever you need add this for your requirement again already it’s almost done here so it’s installing people, which is package manager for Python, that lets you install another other packages on your system. So here we go if spinning stored successfully, you can see here simply go ahead and close it okay and open the terminal. If you do not have terminal pinned here, go ahead and click on this start menu and type CMD or command prompt and hit enter you’ll. Get the same thing here now: we’ll go ahead and check whether five and three point seven point: four has been added to the system path to simply type button and uppercase v and you’ll see you’ve got pattern. Three point: seven point: four: if you just type Python, you would be able to interact it’s kind of interactive shell, where you can write fight them and it’s cute. So, if I say print say something here in between like hello war, it should like execute.

Okay, the other way you can go ahead and execute button, basically using idle, okay, one more thing which is available in three point: seven point: four: you get the man also as well, so you can go over and this is local locally, downloaded. Okay, if we go over the documentation – and it makes your job easy if you’re learning everybody is learner – quite another – very robust and huge kind of the library has like button as each libraries. The people look up, no matter how experienced you are all right, so you can go ahead and change. It check the I deliver, which is idle. I don’t know where we go let’s go ahead and check. If I can find one let’s see, you will have to look up for it. Five and three point: seven: you can you see something like this? Okay, a folder and this app’s list. You see Idol 64 bit fight them and manual. Docks module, docks! Okay, so we need the Idol one if you wish, you can go ahead and drag it over here, and this is going to be pretty handy or you simply right, click and pin to start which will pin here you can try it over whatever you wish to, And then you can easily launch it so here it is okay to execute any file with Idol. You need to save the file first, so we’ll go ahead and create a new file here and I’m going to save it on the desktop.

So very quick kind of hello and you don’t need to type dot pi. So here we go. If I sky, something here same thing: I’ll work and save it. Just save it like that and run it to run it. You simply have five. You can press f5 on the windows already keyboard and this runs the application, all the module, whatever you call it so that’s it for this video. Thank you for watching video, please like share and subscribe to my channel. If you have any question, please let us know.

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  1. Gives me that error: Fatal Python error: initsite: Failed to import the site module
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\BARIS ERTAN\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\”, line 73, in
    import os
    File “C:\Users\BARIS ERTAN\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\”, line 77, in

    import ntpath as path
    File “C:\Users\BARIS ERTAN\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\lib\”, line 534, in

    sys.getwindowsversion()[3] >= 2)
    UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0x88 in position 15: invalid start byte

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  3. After installing the python, (cmd- python -v ) I’m getting n number of commands.. But python is working fine. Is I missed out anything while installing?


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