This is johnny dimbar, so for todays video im going to make an lcd and ltr for arduino. So for lcd, we need to create the circuit design to simulate scrolling text left to right, and vice versa. In this point i will use my first name in the first row and my family name and the second rule so before we start im going to introduce to you the thinker card. So this is where we create our lcd for arduino. So the purpose of this video is, i will explain how to connect an lcd or liquid crystal display to the arduino board. So this is the whole view of tinkercad. So this part is the watercolor, so you can choose color whatever you want and the next is the wire type. So you can see there the different type of wire, but in this point – but in this in our case we we use normal. So the next one is a code, so here this area, you can type your full codes and you can eat it as well. So this one is a start simulation. If you already finish setting up all your wires, you can try to start simulate to know if your target test is being displayed in the lcd, so lets move on to our test. So yeah, as you can see, there are components here, so we need to choose the arduino, so you can see lots of arduino here, but for me i will choose this lcd, so there we just need to delete this.

The breadboard is more lets, give it this and then the potentiometer to do this, and then there is a store. We need that, so we need. So this is the arduino board. There are four thin digital pins, including dx or transmission, and rx or receiver beans. There are six analog pins three ground pins, one analog reference pin, one is a pin: one pin, pin one 3.3 v pin and one five feet 15.. So, and this is the lcd the lcd 16 times 2. So it means it can display 16 characters per line and there are two such lines: it has 16 pins here, the 16 pins and the first one from left to right is the ground pin. So first i choose the black wire and then i connect it to the d11 in the fingerboard. Then i will then it connected to the lcd in the pin, which is the enable. So you need you need to then. The second is the red one. Then i connected to the d12 to the lcd, which is the register select, so you will put it in the lcd pin, which is the register, select and then the next one is the color orange, and i i mean the yellow one and i connect it to The d5 to the lc lcd pin, which is the db4, so you need to connect it to the db4 and then just need to straighten it, and then the next color that i choose is the color turquoise.

The color is kind blue. Then i connect it to the d4 of arduino board and to the to the lcd pin, which is the dp6. I mean the db5. The next one is w and i connect it to the d3 to the lcd pin, which is the db 6. Next is i choose purple, then i connect it to the arduino board. Pin pnt2 to the to the lcd bb7 pin the next one is. I choose color pink the arduino board pin is the ground. I connect it to the lcd pin, which is the led. Then the next one is brown. First, we need a recent store, then put it there. You need to adjust Music, the wire of of the d11 and the plug so that it will clean and comfortable there Applause. Then the resistor i connect them. I connect to that. Pin of lcd the contrast and that resistor to the ground and then to the thermal one to the ground of arduino board and then the connect the business door to the pin of lcd, which is the or write so the next one is. We need to search the resistor again, we need one is store, so just put it there and we need to adjust. Also the four wires just need to adjust it Applause, so Music Applause and then the next one is. You need to connect the second resistor to the history, to the 5v of the arduino pin, and then this is store.

We need to connect also to the in resistor to the pin of of lcd, which is the power and then the resistor. We connect them to the reconnect it to the led of the lcd, so i have already here the codes that is like good and then we need to start simulation. So here you go. This is the the result of my lcd display. So this is the display. My name and my family name so thats all thank you. So the next one is the ldr circuit design. So, as you can see, ive already make my own circuit design for ltr, so we have here also the arduino uno i3 and the lcd the this is the same as the lcd that we create earlier, but the different difference here is: we have led and the Photoresistor and we have also the host of four resistors, so ive already created my own ldr great circuit design, because if i explain this one by one, the wires, the wiring, it consumes a lot of time. So ive already created this ftr for arduino simulate, a circuit that uses ldr, so one led. So here are the led and lcd. So this one is the lcd. So we need this so that we could perf we could perform the following. So ldr should detect high and low end density of sunlight. So if mdr detects high intensity of light, the lcd will display. So it will display sunshine, so led would blink.

So if ltr detects low and intensity of light, then cd will display sunset. So the led will still steady on so here im here. My schematic view of my circuit design – and here are my component list: price is arduino or no lcd, 16 x, 2, orange and eddy, so i use orange led you can use whatever you want, the color! You can change the color of led, then one resistor and one four resistor. I need then one photoresistor. So i have already codes here. We need just to start simulation to check if this will run or it will this it will display here the lcd or it will. It will display the correct see if it is correct. So lets start initial, so the display here is sunset, so the led did not blink so lets. If we this, if we turn, if we detect the high intensity of light it will, the display would be sunshine, so the so the led it is blinking. So, as you can see, it is painting see what turn on the led is steady on, so so that that is so. That means that means is our code is correct, so lets do it again, so we need to start simulation, so the led is off and the display is answered. But if the density, the intensity is, light is high intensity of light, the display will change into the sun into sunshine and the led is will be blink as well, so thats thats.