You know so so. First, open up your Windows, key Music press, the Windows key and search for device manager. You know that, then you, then you should be able to see the com code. You know I am not able to see because my Arduino is not working and just plug it. In yes, Ive left it in and you should be able to see – yes, no course home and ldp, and this is my Arduino. This is my device. What do you know uh, so you have to right. Click on it, go to properties, port settings, slow control. This thing up flow control, then youll have to click check the hardware in this Hardware Ill. Just press, ok, uh anyway turn here now prove it now open the Arduino IDE. Let me just increase, sounds yes, so what you have to do is uh. You will just have to upload a clean sketch, okay, a code which it does not have any uh process or something like that. It should not contain anything which gives any thing to execute the Arduino like this. So this is a what should I say, the startup sketch this is you can use this also yeah and uh? Yes, just run this and youre done. Yes, the light is blinking on the audio uh. Yes, you have to upload this kind of clean sketches, and you know right. This is common, so just delete this. I was showing like how you can easily remember that you know just type in this okay.

This is nothing like a single line. You know and upload this, and this would be final. This would be fine, so and some cases I have a like damage, my order, you know under the project other components, so I will suggest that uh every time you do a project. You know dont forget to upload this clean sketches so that you dont like damage your Arduino or the other components you you are using uh. Yes, that was it put together.