All Electronics enthusiasts should be familiar with this board. By the way it has some outdated things like the type B USB port, which is bulky when it has only female header pins for connections. The barrel Jacks also seems very traditional, so I decided to build an updated version of Arduino Uno and I made this Music. My custom, Arduino Uno, has Type C USB port a jsd battery connector in your pixel LED an on off switch pins for Servo Motors pins. For 5 volt, 3.3 volt and ground pins, both the male and female characters for digital and analog pins, dedicate rice, core c port and a Bluetooth Port. So in this video I am showing how I made this lets get started with this video Music foreign diagram in Easy Eda. I used the original Arduino circuit as a reference and added the extra components after designing the circuit. I converted it into a PCB here. Is the PCB after design I used the same outline of Arduino Uno to fabricate the pcbi generator and download the Gerber file? Then I went to I chose the lcpc because they offer only two dollars for 5 pcbs and their PCB assembly starts from zero dollars. Thank you to place an order, click on order now and select the Gerber file after uploading the file, we can select the color quantity, thickness, Etc, and I chose purple color and finally, I select the shipping method and place the order.

After two weeks, I received the pcbs from jlc PCB. Here are our pcbs. They look nice and the quality is super, as I expected Music now lets start the soldering job. They sold it all SMD components to the PCB using a normal soldering iron. You can clearly see how I am soldering SMD components with the soldering iron first apply some solder to the one side of the pad and place the component now heat it up and solder. The other side lets see foreign the SMD components. I soldered the through hole components like the switch, the IC socket after completing the soldering of all components. A PCB looks something like this now, its time to place the edmega328 IC on its socket. After that, I connected the Arduino to laptop and uploaded the sample blink code. Here you can see the result. Everything worked as I expected. Now I uploaded the new pixel code and see the result, foreign. You can download the circuit diagram and also buy this Arduino from my website. All links are given in the description thats it. I hope you got some ideas and learned something new from my video. If so, please consider supporting me by liking, sharing and subscribing.