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Last weekend we announced that we’re working on a new development environment with advanced features. Let’s take a deeper look at what is in store for the Arduino Pro IDE!
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“Let us change the world by making technology accessible to everyone and put it into the hands of every student and educator.”
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  1. i am a proud class 8 arduino-er… it is so easy and cool … i graduated from html from software side and lego mindstorm from hardware side….

  2. Too bad he failed to mention Hernando Barragan, who’s master’s thesis was the basis for all the later development of Arduino and all its offshoots. His original work, called “wiring” appeared in only one slide, briefly at the beginning, but was not mentioned by Banzi at all. Interesting that Banzi often says “You don’t need anyone’s permission…” when referring to open source hardware and software, you can just go ahead and use it. Fair enough, but at least have the common decency and grace to acknowledge whose work yours is based on. Credit where credit is due.

    1. I agree, there seems to be some dishonesty in Banzi’s actions.
      You should nevertheless consider that the only “new Idea” was making the product open source.
      As acknowledged by all players, they were all playing around with other similar easy systems like Basic Stamp, PICAXE, JAL and others.
      I’m not sure if it’s Hernando’s work that brought the success or simply the marketing strategy of the Arduino Team.
      Arduino after all has a terrible IDE, using the original ATMEL Studio with ICE is far better and gives you complete control, an excellent color coded and helpful IDE.
      I’m quite sure that the Arduino team could have made a similar success without inventing anything new, simply making open source their boards and putting out hundreds of code examples for free.

  3. Its cool microcontroller but the problem is that the project was created by Hernando Barragan. In my opinion he should have the rights of Arduino.

  4. Things like Arduino were around far before Arduino came out, Basic Stamp, PICAXE, Mikroelektronika, Matrix and many others.
    I believe what triggered off the success of Arduino was it’s Open Source strategy.
    Unfortunately what they didn’t realize is that the Chinese clones would take over the Market, I don’t know how long the original Arduino team will survive.
    New competitors are coming out and producing from Italy can never compete with China.

  5. Blah Blah made a real final open source realy open source no words a fact … your mega is a shet !! and a bull …


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