Isnt, it annoying to assemble connect and dismantle this, and that Shall we set up a convenient ESP32 based ET Board together when learning or testing Arduino Lets Go Hello, Its a rainy lab., Its been too late to upload a Video because I live and eat. By the way. This time I made a video of the ET Board Setup process.. Even if I wanted to do something simple, it was cumbersome to assemble. So I looked for an ESP32 based board that had the basic configuration and I think I found something good. Its explained in detail on the ET Board website, but I changed the order to make it easier for me to do this on my own.. First of all, the ET board is based on the esp32 wroom 32 Module. The Pin Out is the same as the Arduino Uno and there are variable resistors Photo Sensor, PTC, Sensor, 4, Red Blue, Yellow Green LEDs, And it has 4 pull up switches and finally, 2 motor drivers.. Well, at this point, I dont think it would be too difficult to study the Arduino Program or take a simple test., And you have to go through a separate installation process which I will introduce in detail in my video. By the way …. This video is not made with sponsorship or request, but I bought it myself because I needed it., Please do not misunderstand. Sponsorship or request would be nice …. I will always be like that .

… So lets get started. This time we are not going to try to make something, but in the future we will set up an ET Board that will be used for a simple test or to explain something. For reference. This is not an advertisement or sponsorship, but when trying to test something simple, it is cumbersome to decorate the peripheral circuit. So I was looking for an ESP32 series with a basic configuration and I bought it because it seemed pretty good.. It would be nice if it was an advertisement or a sponsorship, but it is not yet a vessel that can do that. Ehhh. I need to increase it quickly, …, but after I bought it, there is an installation process, Those who have touched this and that a lot can easily do it. By looking at the description on the website., I just make a video of the Arduino setting process and upload it.. First of all, I only bought the basic ET Board and OLED, and I thought it would be a little bigger, but it is a lot smaller than I thought.. I, like the neat box. Once the item has arrived, lets set it up.. There are detailed explanations on the home page, but Ill go through this one at a time, in a way that I want to be comfortable doing this and that. Nothing difficult, … Come on, Shall we go together? If I follow the method described on the website, many people will make a mistake, so I will try and do it in a convenient way.

. First of all, should I click Customer Support at the top of the homepage screen And when the ET Board is not recognized in the ET Board. Software, download and installation on the lower left click the Download button next to download the file. Again, the order was my own.. The order is slightly different from the installation manual. When the download is complete, the downloaded file is installed.. What we want to install now is the Device Driver. When the installation is complete, connect the ET Board to the PC and select Windows Device, Manager. Open the ports COM LPT. You should see CH340 and port number.. Then click Download next to the ET Board firmware installation file in Keyboard, software, download and installation in the lower left corner to download it.. When the download is complete, can you unzip it and open the dist folder in the folder? Do you see multiple files Now download and run the 4entry file.? For a moment, The ET Board must be connected to a PC. must Now the PC will take care of it. After waiting, the yellow LED on the ET Board. Should blink like the screen.. If not start over again Now, step 1 is complete.. Now lets do step two.. Do you want to search for ET Board in Google? Go to the homepage? Click Learn and then click Follow ET Board Coding in the screen below The menu in the upper right corner of the screen is called the Hamburger menu, but I click it again.

Several menus appear.. If you click ET board connection setting manual at the top, the manual appears. Should I follow this while watching it Run the Arduino IDE and it doesnt matter. If there is a Program or not. In the File, menu click Preferences. In the Additional Board Manager URLs below put the new address, as shown in the screen and click. Ok Now select the board in Tools and click Board, Manager. Search for esp32 and click, Install or Update And select ET Board from the board.. Now I will select Port … First run Device Manager in Window and check which port is connected in Port. Select Port. Ive set everything up to here., Nothing too difficult right. Did you follow along Now? You have to install OLED Library right From the Sketch menu select, Include Libraries and select, Manage Libraries, then search for u8g2 and install it.. Now everything is ready. Shall we select an example of turning on OLED from the homepage and run it Ummm … Im really looking forward to it.? Shall we enter the Smart Planter Coding Kit in the Learning corner on the ET Board homepage, If you click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, it comes up.. Lets choose the second one from the bottom. Download, unzip and open the folder to see the smartpot.ino file right Lets, run it. Match the board, Set port Upload the program right away. In reality, the upload time is much longer.

And ET Board does not need to press the Download Switch.. This is very convenient. … Come on action. Oh, I think its going well., But Im a bit bored so lets link it with the built in variable resistor. Shall we, I will change only the analog input to a variable resistor., where once Oh, Its definitely working right In the future. I plan to use this board frequently and post tests.. I think it will be very convenient. Here. Is the video prepared for today.? I do not intend to post this video material on my blog.. It is explained in detail on the ET Board website and there are many examples, so it will be very helpful for studying.. I dont have the confidence to make a better website than that.. If you would like to know more, please visit the website address, below., Ah And Purchase information must be obtained through the chat window or by calling directly.. This is a bit inconvenient. … Then lets learn together again. Next time.