Thats beyond the scope of these videos, but lets go and open up the blink project, so examples, basics, link and the code should work pretty much the same way. So right now were gon na go tools, try board! We have com4 and im gon na hit the upload button. Now this is gon na take longer than you expect, uh as it did in the uh arduino, mostly because the esp has a lot more libraries that needs to do its thing, but well see a compilation and with any luck it should be able to start sending It over so were still compiling and the upload is gon na look a lot different. So right now were uploading were compiling were still compiling and this gets worse, as we add libraries, so, the first time we do any compile its gon na take a while. Every time we add a library, its gon na add more time, but right now were just gon na prove to ourselves that blink works and then well do some basic um tests to make sure we understand how things work so still compiling. At this point, im going to pause the video, unless, of course, i guess the next phase, so im pausing the video and itll start back up when were on the next part. So now its uploading and youre going to see at the bottom of the output terminal im going to expand this a little bit thats going to see writing and percentage variable where i have to watch for this each time as it does it now, most small changes, The program will not make the ohio taste song, usually about 20 seconds or so 25 seconds from go to things.

And now, if you look on the screen, the blue light is now blinking now just to prove that we have full control of it. Lets make this brink faster, im gon na do 500 200, so it should be a little more aggressive ill make that font a little bigger, so its 500 200 and lets reupload. Now this is going to be a much quicker compile because we didnt change anything major. So a lot of the library should be able to be reused, and i think i tend to be up 25 seconds so im not going to bother pausing the video compiling, much quicker green bars going across all right now, starting to use the esp tool start right Into the board and see that do its updates and now the light is blinking by half second on about a quarter. Second off so thats, our basic led thats, the one on the actual chip. But if we go look at documentation, ill be handing this guy. This off to as we get farther along, we also have a digital led on pin 16., so im going to change this to 16 16. If i run this, therell be a different led, the one this one on the board that will now blink thats, not the green over here. This screen over here is a program light and its also a battery charging and a couple other indicators. So the led were looking for is going to be right over here again 8 16, giving a moment for us to upload.

You can start to see why we dont use this for our standard development. Also, if you make mistakes, a lot easier to kill these boards and let them um short circuit them, theres less protections. So now this light is winking, so thats.